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To be clear, at least for this next blog train, we will let each designer decide their own TOU, but please mark it clearly on the preview.

Yey smiley thank you Marisa smiley Better get started then smiley I'm gonna make mine CU this time smiley Atleast try.. Then maybe a PU addon ore something like that smiley But i'll be sure to mark it well on the preview smiley What did you think of my last preview? Was it clear enought?? smiley

Oh and thank you Shelly smiley
Btw forgot the answer you befor, i loved your glittery snowflakes smiley

Wow, Shelly, I love those pictures! These colors and pictures really make me want to join in this time. I've tried my hand at a few papers and elements for the christmas blogtrain, but lack of time and not having a blog prevented me from joining. I have started collecting 'inspiration' and want to try my hand at the first papers this week. Now all I need is a blog (*rolls her eyes*). Expect a new thread on 'please help: how to start a blog' soon smiley

Marisa, would there be a way for you to give us the PS color swatch code for the palette so that we have the "exact" colors rather than having to figure them out ourself? Maybe there is an easy way to figure them out but that is one thing I have not learned as yet. Thank you.

Janet are you using photoshop? Cause if you are you just open the picture in photoshop and use the eyedropper tool to get the exact same color smiley

Here it comes smiley

@Jessica: AWESOMENESS as usual!!! I love that it will be more consistent for everyone no matter what program or monitor settings they are using now. smiley

Can't wait to see what everyone makes!

@Melouise: If you don't want to set up a blog, you can link directly to the file in the final list (instead of having an intermediate blog stop). It's up to you!

Can't wait to see what everyone makes!

@Melouise: If you don't want to set up a blog, you can link directly to the file in the final list (instead of having an intermediate blog stop). It's up to you!

I've started a Pinterest board for the theme. So far it only has a few things that have caught my eye, particularly for color and fonts, but it also has 3 retro kitchen kits which I've found inspirational in thinking about what I might want to make. Looking around at stuff online (patterns of fabric and wallpaper, old ads, etc.), I think the Sahlin Studio kit, which is lovely and was brought up here before, is more what seems to be called "vintage" than "retro." 40s rather than 50s, I guess, is the difference in my mind at least.

I can't recall who originally requested the retro kitchen theme, but I'd love to hear from any of you about what "retro" actually means to you in this context!


ok ladies, ive got some of my train pieces done and i have to say im really excited about them. i think everyone is gonna really like them. eek! LOL, no it doesnt take much to excite me

I would like to join this bt. Can anyone join?

oh yes please do smiley 'cause if you are who i think you are, you have some amazing kitchen templates smiley But i think you'll have to live up to Pixelscrappers rules about profilepicture, name and that stuff smiley I can see if i'll find the link

here it is: rules

Yes, I am from Sugarbutt Designs (and thank you so much hun for your sweet compliment, you've made my day!) smiley
I will look at the rules right now and take care of the profile pic.

@Jessica, I do now about the eyedropper but did not realize there was a tool in the tool bar (have only been doing PSE since June) and I will try it on my own. I appreciate that you went ahead and labeled all the colors - want to see if I come up with the same codes - then I will know that I have the hang of it! I am a perfectionist so I always want to understand and do things right! Thanks again!

OMG... fan girl moment... *jumps up and down* I LOOOOOVE YOUR DESIGNS!!!!!!!! *wipes forehead and sits back down* phew ok fan girl moment over... sorry for shouting...lol... but Sugarbutt Designs is one of my favorite designers.... I download all your freebies religiously... I'm so excited! YAY! ok I'm better now... I promise... lol.

@Marisa: I'm assuming we can use any of the templates we get here if we wanted to try our hand at making something? I am soooo not a "designer" but I do have some of Miss Tiina's templates and CU stuff between yours and hers maybe I could make a few papers by Feb. smiley

@Sarah: I love her designs too... thanks for gushing on her for us. smiley

Of course you may use any templates from Pixel Scrapper to make something for the train, that's what they are here for!

Thanks for changing the licensing! I love the colors and the theme. After Christmas I will get to work!

As for the CU discussion, the main problems I have with CU licensing are:

1. Most, if not all, of the brushes and overlays that I buy to make my kits are not CU for CU, meaning I can use them to make PU freebies, but not CU freebies.
2. When I see CU, I think "free reign/do whatever you want" whether the actual TOU says that or not. Most of my papers and elements are hand drawn by me and I don't want someone taking them and putting them in their own kit or selling them and claiming it as their own (I understand people will do that anyways, but most people won't when they see "PU only"). I wrote my own TOU as all PU because I figured most people would use my freebies as PU anyways. Anyone who wants to use them under a different license (the minority of downloaders) can contact me for permission. This seems simple to me.

What is your reasoning for wanting to move towards making all blog train parts under the Pixelscrapper CU license instead of the Pixelscrapper PU license? Just curious.

rachel!!!! thats EXACTLY why i want my stuff to be personal use. like you most if not all of my stuff is MY STUFF. but i cannot seem to wrap my head around someone taking my art and using it to make money when i am not making any. it just doesnt seem fair to me. i love sharing my art with others but i dont want to fund someone elses life when i cant fund my own

Oh you both are SOOOOOOO SWWWEEETT!!! THANK YOU!!!!! You have made my entire day. I'm home so sick today and feeling down because I hate being closed in and I see this. You have seriously made my whole day! THANK YOU!!!! smiley

I also have finished my portion (unless I get more excited and add to it, which I've done in the past) lol!
I just wanted to post it but I wasn't sure if I should post the preview here or if there's another place to post it!

Thank you again for making me happy today! I need it and you're so wonderful!

@Jenn (SuggarButt) can I call you that? smiley I just love that name! smiley I would wait at least a tad to post your preview as on the last one... Marisa started a specific thread to post the previews in. But she may have changes for this time around since last time was our very first blog train and I believe there were a few changes she wanted to implement. I actually remember seeing a thread somewhere about it... maybe posts in several threads, lol. I think that's why this thread was created for us to finalize any changes to implement? I'm sure she'll let us know soon enough when and where we can start posting the previews. smiley

Oh yes, please call me Sugarbutt (everyone does, even coworkers) lol!
Ok I will wait to post it I will keep an eye out for it.
Thank you hun!

@Jenn Johnson ~ Love your nickname. We used to have a dog we called Princess Sugarbutt because she was such a beautiful prissy thing. Can't wait to see your kit!

I never knew there was so much behind all of this! I'm gonna try to design something for the train! I've never made anything...so this will be an interesting new adventure for 2013!

@Emily: Good for you... for stepping out into a new adventure. smiley

May I participate?

@Sharon: Anyone is free to participate in the blog train. smiley

Yes, please hold off on posting your preview until I post the final thread (at the end of January).

After the holidays I'll sum up all the directions for the blog train so you know where to look.


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