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File Storage Location

I'm curious how everyone keeps their digi supplies, I have a ton that I've collected that I think are bogging down my computer (they are backed up to an external hard drive). But I'm wondering how do you keep your files accessible, while also keeping your computer running fast. I'm wondering if there's some sort of online storage system that lets you store the files and easy access them (because my backup hard drive doesn't keep the files where you can easily find them, and it's a slow process to search them all to find the object I want to use).

Thanks for any suggestions!

If you want to keep your files on a local drive, you should do a clean up on them routinely. I cleanup temp files and defrag my machine about every 2 weeks and I get rid of ones I don't want/use periodically as well. I run CCleaner to clean my files and registry. I'm sure there are programs that can do all this, but I'm use to this and the process I have, so it works for me. As for cloud storage, I used carbonite and I've been using dropbox for some of my files, but right now I don't have a cloud service. I've been relying on EHDs and bluerays to backup my files for about the last year. I've given my family copies of the discs of all my pictures which really are the only files I absolutely wouldn't want to lose.

I have a 2TB portable external hard drive that I use FOR my storage. About 262GB is my "Digital Scrapbooking" folder that holds all of my goodies (freebies, purchased) and all my designer stuff as well. That hard drive is backed up online, too, using Crash Plan. I, too, clean out the freebies and purchased stuff periodically.

Some nice tips. Since i just started im currently using a 16 GB flash drive. I keep my photos and scrapbook stuff on it.

However and wherever you store your files (any) make sure you back them up preferably in multiple places. I backup on DVD's periodically and also use Carbonite as an offline source.

OK ... I have seen "EHD" in several different postings but have no clue what it means???

Bonnie, EHD = External Hard Drive, I think?

Ah! A "Duh!" moment. LOL Thanks!! smiley

Second (and third and fourth) the BACKUPS! Hardware will FAIL! Flash drives are only good for about 10,000 to a million data-write cycles and hard drives are good for 5 to 7 years (with normal use). I highly recommend offsite backup, too!

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