First clustered layout - critiques and tips please?

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First clustered layout - critiques and tips please?

This is my first layout where I've put together clusters on my own. For you "clusterers" out there, what could I do differently to let it flow a little better? Also, I'd like to add some journaling to it, but I'm not sure how or where? Any opinions or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Great layout! The colors match very well, the green tag is really well placed and you kept the photo the focal point. What I could change was the flowers sizing. The biggest flower looks like the ones that, in real life and in paper scrapping should be a tiny flower, and the smaller flower may be bigger, or stay on this size. Also, I´d put that big button that is in the center of the small flowers in the center of the biggest one, and the sequin in the center of the smaller...
I LOVE the argyle paper strip with the words paper on top cut in that way. It´s something I´ll probably try to "copy" somewhere/someday, lol. Have you tried to put the big silver glitter snowflake behind of it? It will maybe be a nice choice. The heart with words is adorable, and I like how it balance the main cluster. Please note that they´re just my opinions and I also have lots to learn - I´m not a pro either smiley

Lorien has listed some good pointers. I would add that since the photo is about snowflakes, perhaps it would be more effective to concentrate your elements on snowflakes rather than flowers. Your placement of the elements is just right, forming a nice clear triangle that keeps the eye contained on the photo. As Lorien said, I'm no pro at clustering either, so consider my opinions with that in mind.

It's lovely and way better then I can do but I learned from the comments, and I agree snowflakes instead of flowers might look good

Lorien - thank you so much for you compliments! The argyle paper is from Designs by Connie Prince - I just did a clipping mask to get it that shape. And the green worded paper is an element from NBK Designs Art Conversation No. 4. smiley I'm glad you like what I've done with it!
Harriett - great suggestion replacing the flowers with snowflakes! Here's what I came up with!

I like the second one better smiley The stars are super cute!

OMG, have never seeing snow I could never imagine that those little things on the sky were snowflakes, LOL. I imagined it could be some tree nearby dropping some kind of little flower petals on the wind, or someone throwing something at a festivity from the building in the background... LMAO.

That photo is so sweet! I love the repetition of rounded corners throughout your layout. The snowflakes are more appropriate than the flowers, good tip Harriet. I would journal in the right corner, starting next to the argyle tag and spanning across the layout in a few lines of text. That green tag is screaming for a date or place or both. Last tip: try to keep your shadowing looking real. In real life, paint splatters would not have any shadows on them. Some of the snowflakes seem to be missing a shadow and others do have shadows, but very big and light. I learned a lot from this tutorial: And she included some free styles as well!

Thank all of you for your critiques and your time! I'm so thankful you all took a few seconds to help me improve! smiley This is the final page I came up with. I also changed the photo to one I felt was a little sweeter. smiley
Hope you all like it!

I think you did a great job clustering.... smiley I'm not good at it - I admit it.

You are right, that picture makes your layout even cuter!

Such a darling layout!

That second picture is adorable! You're clustering looks good (I'm a bit of a rookie myself) but I agree with Melo on the shadowing. From what I've learned, it can make or break a layout and really depends on the look/design style you're going for. Whimsical/fantasy-like layouts tend to have high, floating shadows around the elements giving it a more airy-fairy look (lol!). Realistic type pages tend to have more realistic shadows (small and darker for the papers, larger and lighter for bigger elements--though not floating). And keep shadow angles all going the same direction. I use Megan Turnidge's shadow styles to start and then tweak them to fit the page. Whatever style you choose, just stick with it throughout the whole layout. That's my only suggestion. smiley

Sorry if my shadow talk was confusing. Here's a couple examples of what I was talking about:

Jessica Nuis uses a lot of high shadows in her work, making her layouts feel very fantasy-esque. Her clusters are always gorgeous and I absolutely love seeing her layouts. This is her style and she works!

You can see a lot of her other layouts here (and probably learn some from her clustering designs):

Me on the other hand, that style just doesn't work for me, no matter how much I love to admire it. This layout was done with much lower shadowing to keep the elements and papers looking more like a paper scrapbook page might look:

Hope that helps ya out a little. smiley

That is a great tutorial Melouise! Good suggestion. Same with me Amanda. I typically start with her shadows and tweak appropriately.