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Floating fonts

I came across this great tutorial on how to make your fonts blend more into the page. Unfortunately it only works in PS. I have used it on several pages thus far and there is a great improvement in how the page looks. I wanted to share.
fonts don't float

That's a great tutorial. I usually use bump maps to get stuff to take on the contours. This seems to be way easier... Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this Elise! I actually pinned it to my pinterest account to remember the technique when I use a crumpled background. smiley

Thanks for sharing so much of the knowledge you find!

Thanks for the info Elise.

Thank you for the kind comments and you are all welcome. Now, if anyone knows of a tut for washi tape so it doesn't look like it is floating, I would love to learn. I tried a dodge and burn tutorial but the tape still looks like it is floating. I also played with the shadowing which helped a little, but there has to be another way.

Thanks for posting that. I wish there was a way to do that in PSE. smiley

And for washi tape... here is a tutorial from One Little Bird. She doesn't use a dropshadow, but her method looks good. smiley


Thanks Kimberlee for both tutorials!!!

Thanks Kim! I'll check them out.

I found an action that makes it possible to obtain the same result in PSE.
Hope it helps- $2- not a bad price...

I just found this as well for PSE from http://www.thedigichick.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-34326.html

duplicate the paper layer that the text will be "written" onto
* move the duplicate layer just above the font/text layer
* CTRL-G in PSE (or CTRL-ALT-G in PS) to clip the duplicate paper layer to the font/text
* change the blending mode on the duplicate paper layer to "overlay" or "soft light" (or "hard light"... depends on the color of the font and/or the color of the paper... you can play around w/ it)...
* that last step sorta gives the font/text layer a bit of the texture of the paper... and since the paper layer is EXACTLY the same as the duplicate layer, the texture/folds/etc. are all in the exact/correct places

Thanks for sharing Elise. I have seen this tut in the past but totally forgot about it. I was just wondering what the trick was yesterday... You just saved the day for me!