For those wanting a pen and tablet

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For those wanting a pen and tablet

I have seen a few people who were interested in the tablets and pens for designing. Forgive me if this is not the right place to put this. If you have an Amazon Prime account they are getting ready to have a lightning deal for this:
and you can find it here 2019 HUION HS64 Drawing Tablet

I have the larger version made by the same company and LOVE it. It's $43 right now for this BEFORE the lightning sale so I thought you all may want to check it out smiley Happy Holidays!

Got it today for like $28. Thanks!


hi Terrell, I'm new at all this, i wondered can you use that w/ a printer if you wanted also? and if i looking for one what features might i look for? thank you for you time.

Tamra, this kind of tablet and pen is basically an alternative to a mouse for computer input. It doesn't directly interface with a printer anymore than a mouse does. Many modern kinds can work with mobile devices as well (my Wacom has Bluetooth, for instance, and while I haven't looked into it, I could probably get it to work with my Galaxy tablet if I had the right software).

When looking for a drawing tablet, I would start with value for a low price. Many tablet manufacturers have beginner models (Wacom's current one is called the Bamboo; this Huion looks in the same category of quality for an affordable price) which have fewer features but are still excellent choices for someone who is looking to learn how to use one and isn't at the level of full digital illustration. You could also check how comfortable the stylus is to hold.

The biggest hurdle to using one will be getting used to looking at the computer screen while drawing with the stylus on the tablet, because unlike a mobile device, the two are not the same (unless you pay for a much more expensive model of drawing tablet). It helps a little that you should already be used to moving a mouse to affect something on the screen. The tablet is just a bit more complicated.

Amanda beat me to it lol Sorry I haven't been up to snuff lately. Regarding the tablet I actually prefer the Huion. I have a larger version (Huion Inspiroy Q11 Wireless) and I really love it. It does most everything that I am used to and I have had no issues yet. I have not seen one that works directly with a printer though.