Found a treasure trove today - Alpha sets

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Found a treasure trove today - Alpha sets

Over the last few days I have sadly lamenting the lack of really good alpha sets amongs those kits i download.

But today I came across the MOTHERLODE - the TREASURE TROVE

I found over 1100 elements from 15 different alphabets sets all in ONE folder.

This is the Alpha Enamel Folder in the Bundle called - I DIG IT - by Sharon-Dewi Stolp

I don't know if you guys already knew about this mother lode, but I am highlighting this for those newbies who are looking for alpha sets and cannot find any.

They are all here!!!

I will confess to being very hit or miss with the making of alphas. I rarely use them myself, so I just don't think to make them. I've been considering adding them to my Good Life design process, I'll put up a poll to see if anyone is interested in that. In the meantime, here's all the alpha kits on Pixel Scrapper.

Thanks for the link Merisa, but that doesn't solve my problem.

Most of the kits that your link goes to - are one alpha on one page. I see no way of getting each individual letter. Unless you cut the paper up... But if you do that, (or at least if I do that), the PNG transparency tends to get lost....

It could just be my software that is the problem - because I dont use PSE. And if that is the case then I won't say anything more.

I prefer Alpha sets that already have a full set of PNG individual letters, numbers and other symbols - which is why I was highlighting Dewi's wonderful treasure trove. That is what my software can handle.

The individual graphics will be included in the kit download. We haven't figured out how to upload individual alphas without making a big headache for everyone, so for now we just include them in the kit download, if that makes sense.

Yes I finally figured that out. Thanks Merisa. smiley

Hi Robynne,
I put up a tutorial about using alpha sheets in PAINT.NET. Would you be so kind to take a look and tell me what you think? I don't scrapbook in PAINT.NET anymore (I did it for the page in the tutorial of course. smiley ) because I use Craft Artist 2 but I think PAINT.NET is the second best for me and maybe in the future I'll use it again...

Here is the link:

Is there a link to this tutorial? smiley

Sorry Robyne, the link is there now. smiley

it looks good Cinita, but I have a family chat starting in 15 minutes, so I will check out the tutorial, and do some practice, after 6 pm EDT (a little over an hour from now) after my chat finishes. Thanks Cintia.

OK Cintia, I need baby steps. smiley

I can make different layers but they are all in the same page. How do I make 2 seperate pages? Because my paint dot net doesn't seem to want to be open twice at the same time. Unless I am doing something wrong. Baby steps, please.


Hi Robynne, You can do it like this:
You open one document.
For example, the paper you chose to be your background.
Now, if you go to File --> Open and chose anything else it should open a new document in PDN. (You don't have to open PDN again, it will by default, open a new document and the thumbnails of your two documents will be shown on the top)

Here are the pictures:

Those are cute.

Thanks Cintia