FREE!! CU Textures!!

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FREE!! CU Textures!!

Just came across Pixel Glasses which has heaps of interesting textures, all free, and all able to be used for both PU and CU projects.

This looks like a great resource, thanks Robyn smiley

WOW!This looks terrific! Thanks Robyn!!

Thank you, Robyn!

thanks for sharing ... I went over to look, will probably go again to DL smiley

Wow! These are great Robyn! Thanks for sharing

You're welcome, ladies! There are some really unusual textures there - I mean, who would think of spreading flour around!

Thank you for the link!

Wow, thanks for the link. This is great!

oh that's really cool thank you Robyn!

Awesome! Thank you!!


Thanks for the link. I snagged!

PU? CU? What does this mean?

Hi Deanna! PU means for personal use only and CU means commercial use, which means you can use for items you give away or sell. I see you are new here so WELCOME!! I'm sure you will love it here!

Thanks for the link!

Awesome - thanks for the clarification!! smiley

I will learn all the terms. Thanks for the welcome!

Thank you very much for this link..Much appreciated.. smiley

thanks for sharing!

Thanks for shaing