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Freebie Hunting/Listing Website Info

We had a question raised in another thread about Digital Piracy and how hard it can be for the typical newbie scrapper to know if a place is legit or actually committing digital piracy. So I thought I would share the links of websites that most of us know to be legitimate freebie hunters and freebie listing websites so that our newbies could feel safe in looking for kits to use when they first get started.

Info for newbies:
-- When you click on a link that says download, it should take you directly to the designers website, blog, facebook page, or stores where you would actually get the download files from. This will be a great sign it's ok. These are places that are just sharing links to designers places with you that they've found have great freebies. smiley It's also a great way to learn about new designers you haven't heard about before.
-- Now if the download button takes you directly to 4shared, megadownloads, etc... and there are kits from many various designers, chances are it is probably a piracy website. Happy Hunting! smiley

Here are a few more that I really like that help search for freebies. If some of the other members know of others, feel free to share in this post.

Adding on 03/20/14 :

Thanks, Shawna! This is very handy to know -- nobody wants to encourage piracy.

Thank you for putting this list together. Some of the sites I am unfamiliar with, so I can't wait to go searching!

Thanks Shawna for the info and links, it's interesting.

Check DeviantArt it's a great place to get all sorts of brushes, background, vectors, etc. some are free some not or require for you to stick to their rules.
This artist has made a "sweety style pattern pack" and to get them you need to go through "Mediafire".

If you're not sure of the "origin" of an image you can always go to; it's easy, fast and convenient.

You're Welcome Ladies! I've tried to add to the list as I think of others and will TRY to keep updating as other ladies share freebie finding websites or blogs. smiley

awesome info! I personally love the qualitydigiscrapfreebies. smiley
That's a good note about what to look for in the sites, too.

What a great list -- thank you for taking the time to compile and share it. Very appreciated.

Here are more:

Granny Enchanted
Free Digital Scrapbooking
Digital Graphics Cafe
Summer Diggs
Shabby Princess

Also, often times designer blogs are good sources for freebies... you may have to page through old posts to find them (as is the case with my blog- ) but there may be a list of categories which will help you find all the freebies on the site(I have a freebies category).

@Rose: Thanks so very much for your contributions. I will check them out. What we are mostly trying to list here on this particular thread isn't so much where to find freebies as we are trying to let everyone know who the legit FREEBIE HUNTER POSTING type blogs are. We have had a lot of questions inn the past about if they were legit places (not pirated copies being given away) to download from... And so we are trying to list the sites we know are safe to use and that the links lead to kits direct websites uploaded by owners of the designs.

For Ex: Most downloaders would know if they were downloading directly from Shabby Princess that those download links indeed belong to her or here fellow designers in the store. Hope that makes sense. In the freebie section, feel free to add your favorite sites to download from as this are anything extra as far as designer blogs, websites, etc.

Thanks again, and I will add the ones that are freebie hunters blogs to the list above. smiley