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FREEBIES PU: Creation Cassel

I don't seem to have access to the Freebies section so I will share here. If it is wrong, let me know and you can move it anywhere else.

I create weekly freebies using my newly released scripts and I love using the kits from here as I can also link to them and encourage people to come and join this community.

This week, the script makes paper butterflies, and I made these from the kit from Marisa, Happy Birthday
Paper Butterflies

I hope you like them.

I think posting here might be tied to gallery access. That way we can be sure that people's profiles match up with our expectations before they post. I've granted you access to the gallery, so hopefully you won't have any issues posting here in the future. Let me know if you run into any problems, and looking forward to any other goodies you have to share!

Wow, thanks!

Thank you Marisa.

If you have any "ouch project", here are some bandaged digits you can use.

And you can get them HERE. (scroll to the bottom)
You can also take the time to check out various "ouch layouts".

I have another freebie made this time from the papers from the Apple Crisp kit.

You can get it HERE (you have to be logged in to access the download)

would love to get your tree templates, but after several minutes of jumping through hoops, I am still taken back to the same page that says I have to be logged in to get the freebie... I signed up for your maiing list and was told twice my captcha failed when it did not, and also your page said if I did I could access your freebie, but that did not happen, and I'm just going around in circles.... what the heck am I missing here.

Thanks anyway.

Angela, I am surprised that it gives you the run around. Once you registered, you need to reset your password (unless you want to use the one sent to you that is impossible to remember). Then, once logged in, the download link should appear.
In any case, can you drop me an email (use the Need Help tab on the right) and i'll get that fixed for you.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you so much! smiley smiley smiley

Another freebie based on the newest script in the store:

Grab them HERE
They are .pspimage format so only useful if you have PSP.

Another freebie made using my petal picture tubes.

Grab them HERE

They are .png format so useful to most even if you don't use PSP.


I have some white and silver Christmas balls on the blog:

You can download them HERE.
They are in PNG format, so they are usable in any program.

There is also a free Elf Alpha on the Campus blog:

You can get it at the bottom of this blog post.

In follow-up emails, you will get a few matching goodies too!

These are great! Thank you!♥

Here is a set of digits made of colorful holiday-colored licorice.

Grab them on the blog HERE.
And remember that if you want to win those Picture tubes (for PSP only), you can add your comment to the Facebook thread mentioned on that post.

As a new year comes, another one has left. Here is a freebie you can use to display 12 images for your 2019.
It is in .pspimage format, using simple masks so the longest task will be to pick the photos to showcase.

You can find and download this freebie on the blog HERE.

If you like bows (who doesn't?), here are a couple of large ones:

You can find it HERE

I was not sure how to call this pattern, so I just didn't name it!
You can get these three full size papers on the blog:

Get them HERE.

Love is in the air, and these papers were created with a simple script that lets you write ANYTHING and generate a paper repeating the phrases.

Get them on the blog HERE.

Who has too many bows? This one is a long droopy bow made from a thin ribbon. And you can use any ribbon in your stash for it.

Get the heart design free bow in png format HERE.

As part of our monthly blog theme (Emoji), there is a free quick page available:


And you can download it HERE.

A frame made from the punches released this week:

It is available on the blog, HERE.

If you are hungry, I have a set of digits, filled with breakfast cereals:

It is available in the blog HERE.

How creative! I never thought to use cereal in a layout before. smiley

If spring means mowing the lawn, here is a set of grassy frames for you to showcase your photos:

You can download them HERE

If you like crochet elements, I have two frames made out of crochet lace. They are in greyscale so you can colorize them to suit your project.

You can download them HERE.

Here is a set of datestamp to identify the various seasons for your projects. I created them using a script in PaintShop Pro.

Get them HERE.

A few sunny stickers to add to your pages. They are in png format.

Get them HERE.

Scattered elements are always fun and with a script that will scatter copies of ANY element you want, I created this little border.

Get it HERE

Knots can be very versatile, so here is a set of four knots for you.

Get them HERE.