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Future Kit Possibilities

I've taken a bit of a designing break over the summer, but now it's time to get back in the saddle. I have a couple of projects I'm thinking about, but I'm curious to know what sorts of kits you'd like to see. Let me know what you think is missing from the Pixel Scrapper collection, and if someone has an idea you like, let me know! Specific color palettes and theme ideas are encouraged!

Thanks for the opportunity to give some ideas. I've had some, but I didn't know how polite is was to "suggest" themes and didn't want to seem ungrateful. I appreciate all that you and your husband do to manage this site and content.

Anyway, I know that there's an islands/beachy kit, but to me it's really Key Westy because it's so pastel. And while I LOVE Key West, I have a couple folders of wedding pics that I need to do something with. My husband and I got married in St. John USVI, and the torquoise of the water in that area of the Caribbean combined with the lush forests on land is just so vibrant that I'd love to be able to capture that feel.

Here are some palettes I've saved on Pinterest that describe what I can remember:

here's another image that I can't post for some reason.

I think the first picture is even called "Mental Vacation" smiley

Thanks again!

Ditto to Tiffany´s post. I´d love a blue/turquoise wedding kit too.

But, well, you know me enough to know what is my forever request to all the designers I love...:p

I'd still like to see something outdoors-related - something geared toward trekking in the outdoors during the spring/summer/fall months... Like hiking, biking, mountain climbing, camping (tent or vintage camper), canoeing, visiting/exploring national parks - activities that apply to all ages (kids, teens, young adults & adults) - and incorporating elements from the outdoors (weathered wood, bark, dried up mud flats, mountains, pine cones, pine boughs, fall berry branches, pretty fall leaves, wooden poles with arrow signs pointing in different directions for swimming, camping, biking, etc.). And for the winter months - skiing (nordic and/or cross country), snowshoeing, skating, snowmobiling, maybe visiting sugar shacks (where maple syrup is being made) - and incorporating outdoor elements (things like snowflakes, red berries, trees with no leaves and snow sitting upon the branches, pine trees, pine boughs, pine cones, etc.).

Other than that I've been very interested in having something Hawaiian (not tropical or beach - there are a lot of those kits out there)... Ukulele, lauhala (used as a paper or a background mat), tea-stained paper with banana leaves print, hawaiian floral papers (bright colors - red, fuschia, orange, lime, navy - with hibiscus print), sunset gradient papers (blue purple fading into fuschia fading into orange for instance), sea green semi-transparent paper (to represent the water?), curled wave &/or sea foam, a pineapple, cracked open coconut, coconut w/straw sticking out of it (coconut water drink), a drink umbrella, wedges of pineapple, pina colada &/or lava flow drinks, palm trees, ti trees (red & green), bamboo, chameleons, japanese white eye (bird), honu turtle, humpback whale, red ginger, frangipani a.k.a.plumeria (in bright pink &/and or white), palm fronds, leis (made of kukui nuts, palm leaves &/or plumeria, orchids - the 1st two are traditional leis; the 2nd two are what advertisers usually show), hula dancers, bamboo hut w/thatched roof (uses as shelter or bar), red lava rock, rock cliffs (to dive off of), lit tikki torches & word art (Aloha, Mahalo, and Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas in Hawaiian).

I think you guys are amazing and do so much for us already so it seems weird to request things haha. I think it'd be great if there were more holiday/seasonal kits and definitely something wedding themed. I really like moss/navy/champagne/ivory, apple/mustard/navy/pumpkin/plum...I really could keep going and going.

What about something preppy, country club, golf club, spring brights?
like here or here

Lilly has lots of fun prints and goes great with glitter!!

@Tiffany, I love the golf club idea, how cute would that be!!!

I too am so grateful for all you and your hubby do to run this site. It's been an amazing resource to me starting out in digi scrapping. Especially your tutorials and being able to download just what I'll use. I find myself wishing other sites offered similar features... "I don't want the whole kit, I'd just like to have this and that. I'll head over to Pixel Scrapper to see what they have." ...haha.

I second Tiffany's beach theme and Lizanne's outdoors related suggestions. Especially as the summer is winding down and we'll all be looking for a way to scrap those summer photos.

Something that I've seen a lot around lately are kits for scrapping the lows in life. Like personal struggles and loss of a loved one. I think that would be a nice addition here.

Again a big THANK YOU to you guys!!

@Tiffany; what a cute color scheme template... smiley

Beautiful palettes Tiffany! I love your glitter papers Marisa and they would look beautiful in any of those colors. There does seem to be a lack of wedding themed kits out there.

A wedding theme always seems a bit tricky to me because weddings are often very strongly tied to particular color palettes. Would you suggest something super simple like black and white?

I can understand the trickiness of the wedding kit and agree that color specificness(??) would be a challenge.
I think that one of the first things a bride picks is her color scheme to set the tone of her big day so of course it has emotional connotations.
Really when I think weddings in any setting or time of day, I think sparkle and glitz. Be it candle light, rhinestones or beading on a dress, cake, or accessories even the most simple wedding has some added shine to make it special.
I got married on a Thursday on a beach at 4 o clock in the afternoon and I still had as much BLING as I could muster smiley
I think if you want to go wedding than yes, I'd use black/white/and cream as your background to make it as open to as many people as possible, but I'd do a ton of sparkly/glitter/metalic elements and accents.
When I was posting the suggestion I guess I was just mentioning what I'd do with the kit. I'm not really even looking for wedding specific materials, I'd just like to see an ocean brights beachy theme.

@ Rachel, I have a lot of color palettes pinned for use in jewelry/beading, but they seem to come in handy here too! I love all the palettes you and Marisa pin, I've been repinning all of them!

I really like Catherine's kit idea too.

@Catherine: Ty! You just made me think of another one, based on a thread in here: exercise & weight loss (for those trying to increase their strength &/or lose weight).

@Lizanne: I agree, an exercise/weight loss/healthy lifestyle kit would be awesome. One could scrap their successes, progress, and days they need some encouragement too. Great idea!

Add me into the lifestyle or "everyday" types of kits...I want my kits to cover as much "territory" as possible! smiley Maybe a series of them and you could cover different aspects, like cooking, cleaning, kids, parties, holidays, weight loss, medical/illness, religious (christenings, etc.), but all in the same color palette...

I think I'm actually going to try to use the PS Aug blog train for some of my wedding photos.
I am in love with the colors. Also all the work everyone put into everything!

Did you all ever see Harper Finch's kit- Ready, Set, Go? It's a workout kit. It is REALLY brightly colored, but there are a lot of really cute elements. I found it here.
I think there are other parts on DA as well.
I'm sure this isn't the spot to be discussing this, but I just wanted to help. Sorry to get off track Marissa! smiley

Thanks for all the ideas!

I spent a large chunk of my time yesterday downloading all of the parts from the digiscrap parade. I'd love to see your take on the color pallet/theme. Maybe you could make an unofficial coordinating mini for us Pixel Scrapper lovers. smiley

I'm laying in bed and I just thought of something else... Would you ever consider making layout templates for smaller sizes? Like 4x6? Or Christmas card templates? I feel like I need to learn how to design to make all of these ideas in my head tangible. Well, as tangible as digi scrapping can be. smiley

@Catherine: Yes, I have thought to make other template sizes, particularly Christmas cards. What's your favorite Christmas card size?

@Marisa: Here 10x15cm or 9x13cm for cards; the square cards are easier, as you can resize the square... but usually 13x13cm or so...

Do you know what I have thought about that wedding kit? It maybe can coordinate with color basics kit...

Envelope size smiley

@Lizanne ...lol

@Marisa: I think 5x7 is a nice standard size. If you're putting the work into making one, it might as well be big enough for people to see! smiley I liked Lorien's idea of a square too, 5x5 maybe?

I actually like Lizanne's idea myself. Various standard envelope sizes would be best because then there wouldn't be some huge extra expense for mailing them out. You could also do postcard size... that would be a mailing option too but we may not want our personal family photo seen through the mail as a postcard??? hmmmm interesting topic -- so many sizes to choose from. smiley

I just checked the standard letter size maximum at usps, it's 6 1/8 x 11 1/2 so a 5x7 cards wouldn't cost extra.

https://www.usps.com/send/address-letter-cards.htm (click the size tab)

They do however cost an extra .20 for square envelopes, because they're more difficult for the automatic sorting machines to read. But, you could always stick your 5x5 card in a 5x7 envelope if it didn't matter that much to you. smiley

I'm more inclined to mail things if it will fit in a standard-sized envelope... I don't want to buy special envelopes or have to try to figure out how much postage I'll need. If it's standard-sized all I need is one stamp, which is also nice because it keeps the cost down. smiley

OMG, never imagined you have all those mail beaurocracy outside Brazil. Here they accept any kind of envelope - artsy people sometimes do their themselves with magazine book folding for ATC swaps... They only ask to put the stamp and the addresses on a specific place on it - and this standard is different on brazilian mail, because here the "to" goes in the middle left of the envelope, with the zip code about 1in from the bottom of it, and the "from" goes on the bottom center of the envelope´s back...

A kit for family oriented sports - bowling, kayaking/boating, cross country skiing, hiking, badmitten, biking, etc

Two I've thought about lately are doodled stick people and tailgating.

Love the doodlestick people idea. I had to google tailgating, no idea that existed! You actually all together and BBQ from the trunk of your car?! That concept has not (yet) landed in Europe...