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I´d do the stormy kit now Melo.... Well... you´ll please at least people from Holland and from Brazil :p

Our most destructive storms are the "Summer Showers", and they start in Mid-November, and only end on March...

@Melouise: I would say that falling leaves & a variety of bright colors definitely represent New England (where I've lived my whole life), especially northern New England. The rainy season tends to be more in the spring around here - month of April, sometimes May (if winter was unusually long, as it can be from time-to-time up here). Fall's my favorite time of year. smiley

Edited to add a sample pic of New England fall foliage:

Fall is gray here. No bright colors at all. Glad fall will only come in March smiley

There are a couple of American sayings that refer to storms/rain in the spring:

"April Showers Bring May Flowers" and they say April's weather comes "In like a lion and out like a lamb" because it's supposedly dark, cold and stormy during the first half of the month and more sunny, gentle and calm during the back half of the month. When I still lived in Chicago it regularly snowed until the early parts of May, so this has definitely not been my weather experience.
I do know that September is the peak of hurricane season here in the States, and hurricanes tend to be stormy and crazy. Maybe you could do a hurricane and tornado kit?!

Ehm, yeah... if a hurricane hit Holland, we would probably be wiped off the map entirely, lol. Our April saying is "April doet wat hij wil" which is roughly translated "April has its own will". Anything can happen in April, rain, sunshine (and hot too, a couple of years ago I even spent a day on the beach in April) or sometimes even hail. But hurricanes... no smiley

Fall starts september, leaves turn nice colors but not nearly as nice as the New England colors I see popping up in photographs. And after three weeks time, leaves turn to a muddy brown, fall to the ground where they stick to everything because of the rain. The rain usually stops in December to make way for snow. End of March is spring here and April is our tulip month, so everything finally starts to have color again.

Anyway, I'll work on my stormy kit whatever the release date will be. That probably depends more on my time schedule than the actual weather, lol. Thanks everyone for giving me a little glimpse of US fall season! (And thanks Lorien, for not making me feel all alone in disliking fall smiley)

IN the southern states where I've lived most of my life. It sounds like we have weather similar to you Melo. It cools off the leaves change, Although it is short lived (3-4 weeks max) We do start to get the yucky weather a little off and on, but Fall is still my favorite season because our summer's are sooooo HOT that mid Sept through mid Nov it cools off enough to be pleasant to be outside again, taking walks, hiking, bike rides, etc. But then the dull gray skies of winter set in for Dec to Feb at least sometimes March. Which Spring is my second favorite season (except all the rain) but because the weather is pleasant enough again most of the time to be outside before late May to mid Sept when the HEAT sets back in. The US involves or includes such a wide gamut of territories along various distances from the equator where the northern states (close to Canada) to southern states (close to Mexico or the Gulf waters) so this is why the wide variety in our weather from State to State. smiley

How about a botanical flower theme, or a snacks theme with cookies, pie, crackers, juice.

@Kendra, in regard to the snack kit that you were looking for, we recently had a 'Sweet Things' collaboration here at Pixel Scrapper. There may still be some of the goodies available. I'm not sure if they're at all what you're thinking of...but it may be a start. Here is the thread with all of the links.

Being from Oklahoma, I tend to think of our rainy/storm season as the end of Feb. threw beginning of June. We live in "Tornado Alley", so during those months you really have to pay attention to the storms because some could just be rain, or others could blow your town away. Fall for us is usually late September/mid October threw November. Bright colored leaves, and the first frost is what I think about for fall. Then Ice. Not a lot of snow around here -usually-. 1 or 2 snows a winter (that end up being more than a dusting) is typical.

I Would like to see more wood veneer look-alike elements or some "slide" frames smiley

ooooo yea... what Giada said!!! smiley I've been wanting to try those out.

wood veneer look-alike elements

Thank you for sharing your talent and your creations. I have enjoyed them very much.
If you are still taking suggestions, I would like to suggest more Project Life type elements. I really like grid scrapbooking, and love the idea of elements that fit into those templates. Thank you for the ones you've created!

I needed to google wood veneer to learn what it is smiley Not being an English native speaker has these odds and ends sometimes... I was identifying these things as woodgrain, a word that I don´t remember exactly where I learned... Is it the same thing or different? There are some assets that look made of wood if you type wood on the search box, but there aren´t too much still.... Shawna, what do you think of a ISO post about that? So I can look on my stash for some wood stuff I have and share there... Maybe At the Beach blog train list have some clues on that too....

@Susan: Are there other things you're looking for besides journal cards?

I would love to see some ballet whimsy ...or anything cute cute ...and wedding yes wedding lol ...my head is spinning!

I think the idea of stormy trees is great -- very November-y. Maybe bare branches against a skyline. Stark beauty, dramatic sunsets. Something like this, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-OajGF8J_DHE/TrmGa0aUtWI/AAAAAAAAEfk/MpLii9Yxa3Q/s1600/Blog%2BNovember%2BBeauty.jpg or . Heavy knits as a texture.

Ballet would be great, as would cookies -- both eating them and baking them! Cats and sunbeams. Books. Airplanes. Sandboxes. (Just thinking of the photos I have to scrap!)

I'm thinking of photos we all take:
1) kids at their events:
*Sports--a kit for each individual sport is best, because someone who plays soccer is not going to play football or volleyball. I've seen many kits that incorporate several sports, but few who do just one sport.
*school concerts
*school plays
2) family events:
3) Adult activities-- activities and causes we are involved with
*volunteer events
*girls' night out