Grrr! Arg! Roar! [Frustrated]

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Grrr! Arg! Roar! [Frustrated]

/deep sigh
I just have to get it our somewhere...
There is NOTHING more frustrating (okay, maybe ALMOST nothing more frustrating) than having EVERYTHING done and realizing you gotta either do it all over again or spend a LOT of time fixing everything because you saved it wrong and now there's a line of white pixels bordering EVERYTHING! ARGGGG! (<--- not a pirate)

I'd scream if my toddler wasn't napping... maybe I'll scream into a pillow! Oh, learning can be SO frustrating sometimes!!!

LOL. I'll walk away and take a break (slaughtering video game enemies is good right now) and come back to it and it won't seem quite so bad... but UGH! Right now, Photoshop can take a long walk off a short pier for all I care! Bah!


White or transparent? Because a 1-3 transparent pixels around a png ellie is considered ok on a .png ellie. The QC action I´m using (Which is Inspired by Dominic´s one) let a 3px transparent border around all the elements.

Oh how I've been there lol ... don't ask me how many times ... along with saving something in the wrong mode ... pixar instead of png etc .... now, before I close a document I open what I have just saved to make sure it is what I want and if it is then I will close the working document .... you can still hear me in the rafters the odd time if I'm not paying attention and forgotten to do that smiley

It was leaving WHITE pixels! I could have kicked the computer!

I'm trying out Photoshop CC... and I thought at first that maybe it was because I saved it as a PNG-8 instead of PNG-24... but it does it to either... and then it won't do it at all... I am NOT sure WHY it is doing this!!! /sigh

... more to learn... smiley

Ok, I think PamB commented with me about this issue once, if I happen to stumble on her I´ll let her know that you´re facing the same problem.

What happens with me since I moved from CS4 to CS6 is the following: If i drag a paper or texture directly from the folder and drop on a photoshop, file with other things (for example, dropping one paper on top of another to make a LO) It somehow becomes a bit smaller than the original size(just some pixels smaller) Don´t ask me why, I don´t know. I just learned not to drag from Windows to place. I first open the thing on PS, then I use controlA - ControlC and ControlV the thing on the LO/paper I´m working in. Maybe this is your issue too?

If you leave a white background on the document ... even if it's on a lower layer it will bring it over to the new document if you are dragging one to the other etc .... could that have been the problem?

It didn't have a white background. I always make those go bye-bye ASAP. LOL.

It had something to do with the way it was saving. When I went into Save for Web, it was saving it as PNG-8 and had unchecked Convert to sRGB, so it was saving it as Indexed Color and it was doing weird stuff.
I went back and redid my work, saved it as PNG-24 and made sure to check the Convert to sRGB checkbox, and no more problem!

I am used to CS2, and in that version, when I Place an item it places it at the file's original size. Now, in CC, when I Place Embedded (the new version of Place) it stretches the placed file to the size of the document and I have to resize. It is SO annoying... and I am not sure how to change it (or even if I can). smiley Otherwise, I am enjoying CC and will probably go with the subscription (especially since I think Adobe is moving away from selling full applications in the future). smiley

Wow, glad you were able to figure it out, Mollie. I don't use PS, so I would've been no help... It's funny how things change from one version to the next.

I use PSE 11 and know nothing about its Big Daddy, so I wouldn't have been any help either, Mollie. Good for you, though, managing to work it out yourself!