Has anyone ever used MixBook?

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Has anyone ever used MixBook?

I have several books that I've done over the years through Shutterfly but this time I was thinking about trying Mixbook. Has anyone ever used them, and if so, how was the quality?


I have used Mixbook. The quality is Great. I 've had about 7 books I printed through them. I designed in PSE or Serif Digital Artist 2 and then copied and pasted into their software. However they do have lots of elements for your pages if you want to go that route. They have lots of really good specials. If you register with them they will send you emails when they have a special.

Thanks so much Brenda. I have 9 books that I did through Shutterfly. I was looking a MixBook awhile ago and do get their emails. I'm currently working on 3 books in MixBook. I also use Digital Artist 2 for my scrapbook pages and paintshop pro for picture editing.

Yes I've printed a few books through Mixbook. Very good quality. Get on their mailing list and they will send out 40% and sometimes 50% coupons.