Help me choose a palette

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Help me choose a palette

I'm starting work on a space kit, and I'm having trouble picking a palette. I've narrowed it down to two. Let me know what you think!

Choice 2 image
Choice 2
71% (46 votes)
Choice 1 image
Choice 1
28% (18 votes)
Total votes: 64

I prefer the brown/orange combo since the space nuts in my family are boys who wouldn't appreciate being scrapped on a pinkish page.

I was leaning a bit towards the purple myself because I want the space kit to have a slight "girly" feel. I don't think boys should have all the fun.

I agree with the purples! Boy's shouldn't have all the fun with Space stuff!

I like them both, but I like the brighter/bolder colors in the one with orange... although if you want it to feel girly, that's cool too! smiley

I like the both and agree with you that it would be fun to have a girlie space kit but I know I'd probably get less of a chance to use it. My boys are the space geeks.

purples and greens, blues, shimmery silver, bright bold and over the top seems spacey to me.

I've seen several kits by other designers that use palettes similar to the brown/orange one so I picked the pink/purple one, but either way I'm sure I'll love it!

I think the pink and purple one is something I haven't seen as well. I think it would work well for both boys and girls.

I voted!!

I´ve chosen image 2 because of the dark background. I think is very important to have dark things on a space themed kit.

Orange/Brown! smiley Cute cute!

I agree with Libby

I've voted for the purple. Love this colours smiley

You should just do two kits smiley

I kinda agree with Shellby smiley you should do both! lol.

Super cute. Do both!

I chose the 2nd palette too but I think I might have preferred the other if the pink was a little different - not my shade. Cute elements though!

Voted. smiley

But I agree that you should do both. LOL.

I like the Orange browny ones in the 2nd pallete, the 1st one is ok too but not really keen on the shades of pink in that one. Maybe you should just do both lol smiley

Like the orange , green and yellow. Girls like these colors too.

I like the purple one but I can't see myself using it for my daughter. I would definitely use the boy one for my son. Space kits just seems more boyish to me.

I like the idea of adding a girly feel so I would go with the first color combination. I would add to the kit both girl and boy elements (bows, ties, etc.) so it would sell to scrappers who want to do either a boy or girl kit. smiley

I like the darker one. I feel like the purple/pink one is a little too pastel for my taste.

Choice 2 is the best