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Help me to understand...

Why do people place elements on top of their journaling hiding part of the words? I know that some people do this with paper scrapping and then you pull out the journaling or whatever (not my preference as I figure the pages are fragile enough you don't need to encourage people to play with them but that is my opinion.) but with digital scrapping you can't do that.

If this is something you do, do you do it just for internet posting purposes or do you keep it that way?

I have just seen it in layouts in a few places and was wondering.

I am with you Kaleena! I never "hide" my journaling and you have to be sure any shadowing doesn't hide it either!

I've only seen it a few times, but I figured they didn't want me to read that part. Maybe it was a not-family-friendly word, or if it's a big section, maybe it was a story they didn't want to post for the whole internet to read?

I would probably just blur it or do different, more innocuous journaling for the online version, because it would bother me to ruin the look with an extra element. But it might bother some people more to change their writing, if it's a meaningful story.

huh... I am not sure I have ever seen that... interesting

Yeah I have seen people blur things out and I get that. I just don't understand why the tuck part of a journal card or something under the elements or the photos. I will find some and link them so you can see.

I have wondered that, too, Kaleena!! I have done it a little, just to fit all I wanted to say, but I try to only hide part of a word or one that's obvious. That way when I'm reading years later (hopefully), I can remember what it is without too much struggle. However, I have seen people cover what I would consider significiantly large portions of journaling, and I've wondered why.

I've never seen it either... other than a word or parts of words you can still make out. I'd love to see examples too when you get around to it. smiley

I am still going to get some examples for you guys. It has been a crazy couple of days. My allergies are kicking my butt knocking me to the floor and coming back around and kicking me in the head. HAHA That is how it feels.

There was actually one in a newsletter that came to my email a few days go. Trying to find it. I have not forgotten to get some posted though smiley

Kaleena: Don't know that I've ever caught where you are from, but I'm in SC and the pollen here has me beat down so bad the last two to three weeks. The allergy meds "barely" do any good for a few hours and they're a 24 he pill!!! ugggh - soooo I completely feel your pain. smiley

I am still going to get some examples for you guys. It has been a crazy couple of days. My allergies are kicking my butt knocking me to the floor and coming back around and kicking me in the head. HAHA That is how it feels.

I wonder on things like that also. When my daughter scraps, and she is hooked on traditional paper scrapping, she will journal right over a busy paper. So after a bit, I decided to get her some pens that would write on dark surfaces, like a metallic silver. But she still used them on the busy backgrounds which still meant that it was hard to read.

Best I could figure out was that she knew what it said, and so she could "read it."

Her style differed so much from mine, that I didn't have anything for her to look like that she could "scrap-lift", or see how to do journaling on the types of layouts that she was making.

And one of the reasons I love the digital scrapping, is I can modify text sizes, or shrink elements just a tad, or photo, so that I've got enough room and "buffer" to fit everything on the page.

I live in Utah, Shawna. Though we used to live in Atlanta and I remember how bad the pollen would get there in the spring - I don't miss everything being covered in yellow dust HAHA

Here are some links:
example 1
example 2
example 3

I have seen this much worse than theses examples and much less. Like I said I was just wondering about it.

WEIRD!!! I have never seen people do that... Could it be that they move it to hide personal information. Those samples didn't seem like it but it seems kind of counter productive.

Wow, that last one blocks A LOT. @Heather, I agree; maybe it was for purposes of public posting but that just seems counter productive. Then you have to drag the items back in place and what if you don't get them JUST RIGHT again? lol I just blurred out sections of my personal journaling pretty easily.

weird pages... Sometimes I hide parts of the tags, but not the journaling in that way o.O

That is weird. Maybe though the creator wanted to just put the writing as part of the overall image and never meant it to be read. It kind of doesn't work....

I have hidden part of a letter or part of a word under an long as a person can assume what the rest of the word is, I like to do that as it gives the page even more realism. When looking down on the page it is almost as if you were to move a little to the might see the rest of the word...or the right, depending on the layout....

Just a bit of the letters a and w and a lot under the shadowing...makes it very realistic!

I have blocked out the first (or last) letters of a word, for the same reason as Jodi; making it look like it's realistic. In this page I think it looks as if there is actually something on top of the journaling [for bigger image click the preview]. But I never block out entire words. My scrap pages are meant as history documents for my kids some day and I may not be around forever (or remember!) to translate what was there once...

I have never seen pages like these before. Huh. I absolutely see doing it the way Jodi and Melouise have done in these lovely layouts, that looks really cool! And the three pages you linked to, Kaleena, look really neat.... but its a bit maddening to not know what that last one says. From an artistic standpoint it looks really cool, like something shifted in the scrapbook and fell in front of the journalling card. From a scrapbooking historian perspective, however, I am mystified.

I've never noticed the covered journalling before and am also confused as to why that is desirable. Hmm...
I'm self-absorbed enough to want people to be able to read what I've written! I occasionally make a mistake as a newbie digi-scrapper, but I try hard to make sure my pages are readable.
Is there anyone out there who has done pages like the examples and would like to share their story?

Wow! Number 3 is definitely worse than examples 1 and 2. I was able to figure out the text in the first two...not unlike having to decipher handwriting from journals or census workers in my family tree hunting. But Example 3...that was extreme!

I could figure out the first few lines, but it became harder and harder. There's also an apparent miss spelling of the word "stra(w)" just after the window of the car...and it appears that there are layer conflicts in the cluster of flowers to the right...the red and white loops under the journaling layer, but the blue flower on top...and there were several flowers in that cluster under the photo and it's mat, but the shadows on those that are "tucked under" the photo are pretty deep, indicating a lot of depth.

As far as hiding the journaling, I think it was interesting that the strings of the date tag as well hide the A and t in August. Something that if I was traditionally scrapping, I would have glued them out just far enough to make the words visible, in digital scrapping I would adjust the size of the text and the size of the string to make sure that things were visible.

Denise: you just made me LoL... I think I must be the same way! I want people to know what I'm saying if I took the time to write it. smiley

I'm self-absorbed enough to want people to be able to read what I've written!

@Kaleena: EXACTLY!!!! We are almost due east 3.5 hours of Atlanta. Hubby and I were teasing at church the other day when we had torrential downpours that we weren't going to be able to make "pollen" angels in the front yard anymore this year. smiley

Though we used to live in Atlanta and I remember how bad the pollen would get there in the spring - I don't miss everything being covered in yellow dust HAHA

As far as the examples... the first two, I can see the creative side to it, but that third one doesn't make sense to me. I figure maybe like the girls said to "hide" something? ...but, she mentions Christopher in the visible part, so that seems like a part you'd want to keep private more than other stuff... uhmmm, I'm truly befuzzled here... smiley

Wow, I had never seen one like the third example before. The first two I can read easily even with parts of words covered ... maybe it's more realistic that way, to make it look like paper scrapping. (similar to me wanting to stitch buttons on, LOL)

The ones I had seen that I assumed were trying to hide a word or a date for internet purposes were things like a random flower covering the middle of the journaling.

I guess the third example is looking at the journaling as just another element, perhaps? It reminds me of things like wording on cards and tags ... scrappers will use a tag with a word on it and cover up half, and I have no idea what it says. Maybe it doesn't really matter (to them) what it says? It's just another element on the page?