Help with a Kit I have made!

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Help with a Kit I have made!

Hello!! I have already made a kit and I would like to give me your oppinion about the preview. I have a preview only with the elements, without the papers shown, which is this one:

Another preview showing just the papers:

And finally, a preview showing both elements:

What do you like the most?? Please help me, your oppinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! smiley

I like it with both shown smiley

I also like it with both shown smiley also loving the colors of the kit!

I like them all! lol The last preview - do you have a shot with the solid papers reversed at the bottom?

Very cute kit, love the colors!


I think they're all fine but personally, I like to have a preview file that displays everything in one. I use the preview file as a 'folder.jpg' for all kits I buy or download. It helps me to see, at a glance, what's in each folder as the 'folder.jpg' file is displayed on the folder icon when browsing folders in the Windows OS.

Cute! I like the one that has both papers & elements. You might want to try putting the elements in the center of the papers - that is where people's eyes are usually drawn first.

I like the one with both... and I would do either as LisaMarie suggests with the papers at the bottom instead of the top or like Bre suggest with the elements spread in the middles over all the full papers. I think the weight of the papers at the bottom or the elements spread all over would be more visually attractive and make the kit even more appealing than it already is. smiley Great Kit!

Wow!! Thank you sooo much for all your help!! I really appreciate all your advice, you do not know how it helps me!!! I will change my preview and I will do what you say: I will put the elements in the middle and papers on the bottom... I am soo excited, lol!! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Yes, I like both, too! Very colorful!

I like your 3rd one better. Though all of them are cool. But like Rose said, I also like to have a preview that includes, if not all, most of the elements/papers in the kit. And I really, really love your papers. And the colours... smiley

I agree with everyone about previewing the full kit - and, I have to tell you that I just LOVE your colour palette, and your papers are gorgeous!

Beautiful kit. I like the preview with the papers either at the bottom, elements on top or...
papers in back with elements in front of them.

Also, if you plan of giving or selling this beautiful kit, Please add the allowed uses on the preview like this...


It really helps to have that showing on all previews.

Great job on the kit and color palette! smiley

beautiful colors!! love the papers!!! I like the third preview!!

I personally like to have everything in just one preview,
that way I don't have so many previews of just one kit,
but that's my opinion. do what's best for you! smiley

I like it with both. It's nice to see that your colors carry through in such a variety of papers.

Cool color scheme! Love the texture on the papers!!!