How do you print your digi paper?

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How do you print your digi paper?

I have a Samsung color laser printer and I think I probably need to change the cartridges. BUT... I'm still not satisfied with the quality.

I called my local Staples and asked them how much would it cost for (1) 12"x12" color print. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They responded with $7.00 !!!! For ONE page!!!!!

Are you kidding me?!?!!? He said but it's $.59 for 8-1/2 x 11.

How do you print your stuff????

I have my pages printed in books. Here is a thread that gives alot of good suggestions for where to have them printed

For individual 12 x 12 pages, I use they are only $1.99 a page.

Thank you Hilary!!!

Love scrapping simply! They have great quality and awesome service!

Hi Linda, I'm closing this thread to keep things in one place. If you want further recommendations please join the discussion in the link Hilary has provided (thanks Hilary!). Hope you find a good printer!

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