How do you start your layouts?

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How do you start your layouts?

Do you have a photo or photos in mind before you start? Or a color palette? Or a specific layout in mind which you then pop photos into? I'm still trying to find my "style" and a lot of times I don't even know where to begin! Any input?

I want my photo albums to tell the story of our lives, so I focus on them. When I make an album I go through all the pictures and choose which ones I want to use on which page. Then I go back and design the page around the pictures.

I think I'm similar to Susan, more or less. I tend to generally focus on the photos I want to scrap first, that's usually my primary objective. But every once in a while there is a story I want to tell and that becomes the lead starting point.
Now if I'm doing art journaling which I'm still very new to digitally, or AAM (all about me) layouts then they tend to be a story or idea/concept I want to catalog for posterity's sake... the photo may not even be taken until after the idea for the layout... or I may leave the photo out all together, so it becomes about the journaling more at that point.

I too usually start with the photos first. Then I can choose a complimenting color palette, backgrounds and
elements and go from there. Occasionally I'll come across or make elements, like for I'll go
hunt up family Christmas pictures to work with. But most of the time...the pictures are where I start.

If it is a personal layout, I start with the pictures. If it is for a CT, I start with the kit smiley)

For me it depends on what inspires me first, sometimes it's a photo I just have to scrap, sometimes it's a template I think is awesome, and sometimes it's a certain paper or element in a kit.

I've only been digi scrapping for about 5 months now so I'm still trying to find a style too. Although I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to settle on just one style, so many things inspire me! One tip I've tried is scrap lifting layouts that I like. I've even saved the image to my computer and pulled it into my software to do my own layout right on top. smiley

Your question made me realize that I often scrap to fulfill commitments and start with the kit I have/want to use and find pictures that fit the color scheme or theme of this kit. I make an extensive use of templates so that's what I am starting with then add the elements and papers of the kit.

I am only new but I generally pick a photo or group of photos, then pick a template and kit to match.

I do pretty much the same as Wendy. Always start out with the photo(s), pick a template that fits my number of photos and the idea I usually formed in my mind (big picture or not, lots of embellishments or not, lots of different papers etc.) and then search for the perfect kit. I TRY (but not always succes) to download and buy kits that I already have a plan for or that spark my imagination to make an accompanying photo for.

I should probably find a way to tag pictures and kits together, to make the process of search and find quicker. Now I just do it by memory, which is not always succesfull... Anyone have any tips on that?

Well I first start to look for any inspirations on the web, and then when I found a good layout to scraplift either I change its colors to what i like or just leave it like that and start to make layout. While making it, usually layout makes its own way and at the end there will be a different layout than what I did started with. And lastly I find a photo that will fit the layout.
That's how it happens ^.^
And Catherine is just so right that make me smile smiley)
I also have a file full with layouts that I want to make in future and also I have a pin board for just layout inspirations ^.^

Melouise I have that same problem. I buy a kit with some photos I took in mind or I think of kit I have bought that would be perfect with these photos and then it takes me a lot of searching time to find it. I tried to put my kits in folders of themes which helped for when I am looking to scrap a particular type of photo ie birthday, beach etc