How do you use Journal Cards?

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How do you use Journal Cards?

I love journal cards! I have a ton of them, but when it comes down to it they never make it onto my layouts because I can't seem to make them "fit" onto my pages like I want them to. How do you use them? What do you do with them?

I am not a project lifer, so I have trouble finding was to use journal cards too. I like to stack them behind my photo, use them as a backdrop. I am collectieve inspiration on different card uses on Pinterest, that helps a lot too!

I also love journal cards (both making them and using them), so finding ways to use them on my layouts is a high priority. I made a post about it here a while ago. Also, it's one of things I most pin on my layout board on Pinterest.

Mostly I seem to hoard them. LOL. I never really seem to figure out how to use them very often on my own. But I use templates by Sara Gleason/Plant Your Story (at TLP) that she has specifically for layouts with journal cards. smiley

I've printed a few to use on cards as backdrops, but haven't actually used them for journalling on a layout yet. I would just use them as a regular jounalling spot if I ever got around to making another layout.

I like to use some as tiny frames for those little whatnot pictures, like your toes after a pedicure,
. or a close up shot of a face part an eye an ear my big favorite is men's noses YA I'm weird but I'm fun.
I did a whole page once called close up friends

Love the close-up idea Cathy! But why noses? Haha!

Yeah, noses!? lol. It is definitely a great idea. I find I use them kinda like tabs or tags - the ones with words across the top or bottom. I put them behind photos with the wording peeking out. I have a hard time journaling anyway, but I feel like they put too much bulk in my layouts. I tend to be a simpleton but I'm trying to expand and experiment with journaling cards as well as clusters. I have a hard time with those too. Thanks so much for the ideas ladies, they're all great! smiley

I use them for Project Life, though like Kimberlee said, I mostly just hoard them!

For use in regular scrapbook layouts, Akizo Designs offers three free templates designed to incorporate journal cards in her "Playing With Cards" series. Maybe these can provide some inspiration and ideas:

Thanks Violet - useful templates for us JC junkies smiley

I haven't really tried journaling cards yet, but I have downloaded some... These are great ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

I avoided downloading them as I'm a terrible hoarder - lol - but I thought it would be fun to design one myself and I'm hooked! Designed about 20, which will be freebies on my blog in December. But now I have to find a way to incorporate them in my layouts. I don't dare to start the project life as I know I will never keep that up, so I was clueless. Great question, Shantalina.
I will check out your board, Marisa!