How many SBs do you create yearly (Theme Wise) ?

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How many SBs do you create yearly (Theme Wise) ?

I have only been digital scrapbooking since November of last year. I finally went through all my photos of the year and scrapped special events or trips or just fun times. After I completed the year (which took me to this past February to complete) I sent it off and got it printed...and I love it. I'm doing the same thing this year as the year moves along and then I'm going to print that one off. So, basically I'm only doing one a year. I can't decide if I should do separate books for trips or just keep everything in one book. What's the norm?

I make two books a year: one with all the family life 'stuff' and one containing all holidays and (city)trips. Next to that I add pages to an 'All about me' album that I will probably not send of to a printer until I am old and grey... It has five pages now, maybe by that time it will have twenty, tops... Plus, I make one mini bragbook for grandma and -pa, to show off to his family abroad smiley

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I do one book a year with everything. Then if we go on a vacation, I'll do a few pages in my yearbook, but then I'll also do a separate book just for the vacation just because I usually have a ton of pictures. My year books are usually around 80 - 90 pages and my vacation books are about 20 - 30 pages.

OK, that's what I was thinking of doing. My year book for last year came out to 105 pages and this year it might be bigger because since I've gotten into digital scrapping and it's so much quicker (and cheaper) than traditional I am finding that I am taking more pictures (which makes my husband happy because he bought me this expensive camera like 3 years ago and now I am using it all the time.) I was just wondering what the norm was haha.

I am so bummed because I had 3 shutterfly (free coupons) for their books that expired. I have never created a book but I would love to. I just need to figure out how to go about it and then use the coupons I have.

Do you ever create books for your family or friends?

What I do is: I have what I call a "life" album - last year´s had only the special events. This year I´m missing daily life and special days, since I´m being succesfull on keep a journal. Then, I have a "cats" album because, If I mix "my" album with the "cats" one, the album should be more a "My cute cats, I and eventually my hubby, friends and family" than a "Me, my hubby and our cute cats." If something else that will spend lots of pages happens, I open another album for that. So, last year I had an almost 30-days road trip, and I´m making a separated album for this. And, while in the road trip, my SIL and I had a cute vintage photo shoot by professional photographers in a train station and we bought the photos on a CD - so, I´m making an album just for this photo shoot - and this one I´ll order two copies: One for me, and one for her.

Where I live, printing the books is still expensive - not expensive at all when comparing to paper scrapping, but expensive comparing to US prices - and they don´t have the range of options or the very high quality of yours - so, when I really deceide do print my albums (for now, they are either on the making process or only on digital form) I plan not to have more than 40p. on a single book - I´ll probably split my albums in 2-3 volumes each.

I was wondering about this too. At the moment I am making a scrapbook for each of my year of my daughter's life (two so far, but am about 2 years behind) that focuses on special moments to do with her. Then I have a year by year one that I print out with snapfish (a nz/Australian site) that captures most of the events of the year but are more about showing the photos then scrapbooking. I have only just recently finished a digital scrapbook of a month long trip, which ended up about 80 pages. Part of me wants to do random moments that's about creating a beautiful and meaningful page, and on the other hand I want to do journal ones that capture a time span... but i find that then they can get overwhelming. So I'm still trying both at the moment.

For years I made my scraps 8 x 11 1/2 so I could print them out on a regular printer, I put them in plastic sleeves and a regular 3-ring binder with the plastic covered front so I could slip a scrap onto the front indicating what year. Each Christmas I gave my mother a new "annual" with scraps of family and events for the year, since most of my scraps have photos of my only grandchild, I also gave my daughter by marriage a binder as well. The ink to print out full color scraps is so crazy high, I recently decided to start doing 12 x 12 scraps and get them printed at The value matte prints are just .99 and if your order a completed album the pages are put into plastic sleeves; the albums run about $14.95 each plus .99 for each page and shipping, but I watched and was able to order when shipping was free. I figured the .99 cents was about the same or maybe even cheaper than paper, ink and plastic protectors if I did it myself, not to mention time spent printing and putting together. I did this for my mom's annual album this year and it was so gorgeous. My younger son got married 2 years ago and I ended up making about 125 pages of their wedding photos, I'm in the process of getting them in order and then I'll get the completed albums from Scrapbook Please. Anyway, you bet I'll just order the albums every year, and probably it'll be 3-4 each year as I've never made myself an album so I'm going to start including me as well.