How to create a stitched line around an object?

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How to create a stitched line around an object?

Hey all! I am fairly new to layer styles and there is something I am trying to do but simply don't know how. I want to create a stitched or dashed line around the outside of a clipart or object, essentially creating a line to act as a cutting guide. Basically, I am trying to make some paper stick puppets for my daughter and if I can create that cutting guide, it would be easier for her to cut them out. Is there a .asl layer style I can use to get this effect? If not, any help on how I could do this would be very appreciated!


I just figured out how to do this for inside a shape to look stitched. It's a lot easier then I thought. I'm assuming you use Photoshop because you said you could use layer styles so I hope that's right.
I used Sheila Reid's Stitching Brushes to do this. I know there is a way to do it with the basic PS brushes but I can't figure that out. So if you are using the brushes make sure those are loaded before you start. Open the object you want to make the dashed line around. Make a new layer above that. Hold ctrl button and click the thumbnail of your object so it makes the marching ants around it. Next click select -->modify--> expand, the higher the number you put in the farther the line will be from the object, I used 20. Making sure the layer is selected next to the layer panel tab there's a tab that's called paths, click that.

At the bottom of that panel there is a circle with dots on it. It's make work path from selection.

Click that. Then click on your brush tool and select one of the straight stitch brushes. The size you make it is how big each stitch will be. In the brush presets click on the word shape dynamics(make sure you don't uncheck it by accident). Most of the settings are fine I just changed mine angle jitter to 0%. Then click the pen tool and right click on one of the points of the path you just made. In the fly out box click stroke path -->brush

Make sure "simulate pressure" is not checked. click ok.
Then right click on a point on your path again and delete path.
Now you should have a dashed "cut" line around your object.
I hope you could follow this ok. Let me know if you have any questions.

Melanie-- yes, I am using Photoshop and that was such a helpful walk through! Thank you so very much for taking the time to explain this to me! I genuinely appreciate it!

This is great information! I'm going to give it a try too. Thank you Desiree for the question and Melanie for the answer!

Glad I could help!! smiley

Thank you very much for this advice..very helpful..

I am definitely going to use that! Thanks!