How to make good clusters?

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Impressive Cathy! By the way, your first cluster is in this topic.

I made this one after re-reading the stuff on this topic:

You ladies are so talented with you clustering expertise! I think I will just have to keep downloading free cluster gifts since this seems to remain a challenge to me in digital form. Now in paper scrapping I can cluster until the cows come home (well if I had any cows!). smiley LoL

Those were good tutorials.

I think my only problem with clusters is keeping the photo in the focus. If the cluster overwhelms the photo, then the point of the page is lost. Sometimes I get so busy making clusters around my photos that I don't realize until later that I can't even tell what the photo is about. So I have to go back and undo a few things and reorganize the cluster to make the photo pop, not the elements.

Thanks for sharing these tips and tricks!

Well done Cathy

Lorien I like your nice simple cluster.

I, too, struggle with clusters. My focus is more on the photos and the story, and I don't want to overwhelm those elements. Plus I don't have the patience to cluster! Ha-Ha! However, thank you ladies for the links to the tutorials. I will check them out to overcome my *fear*. smiley

btt for newbies

A really beautiful cluster, Janet! I downloaded it ...thank you!

That is awesome!