How to make quick and easy coordinating stripes for any kit

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How to make quick and easy coordinating stripes for any kit

I found this awesome tutorial on how to make striped papers from any paper in any kit. I LOVE a good striped paper so I think this tutorial is THE BOMB! It's from Scrap Orchard and you can watch it here. They take like 1 minute to make and will contain the EXACT colors from the kit paper.

Thats a great technique! I haven't seen that one before. Thanks for sharing. smiley

very clever technique!

That is a fun technique. When I was taking beginner Photoshop classes this is what we used to make a color palette from a photo or image. Made the stripes on the photo and then picked the colors we wanted to use. Worked very well for that too. smiley

This is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing.

Emm, I MUST try it out too!

I'm trying to do this tut in PSE 12 and of course, there is no "single row marquee tool" selection. Does anyone know how this could be done? It's such a cool tut and I wanna do it!! (whine, whine lol)

Thanks for any help.


I'm with you, Lisa, only I've got PSE 11 and it doesn't have a single row marquee tool either, so I'll be watching to see if anyone has a suggestion.

Dawn, I sure hope so because that's such a useful tut! I've run out of my trial days to use PSE and need to buy it. I'm trying to replicate the tut in my PSP8 here at work, but no luck yet.

Sorry, Ladies, I just saw this post and I think I can help you. I only have PSE 10 (Should work in newer versions) but all you have to do is where it says single row marquee tool is to just click on Rectangle Marquee tool and then go to options (mine is across top but yours may be across bottom) and change the mode to fixed size and then you need to make the width 3600 px and height 5 px and then down go to the best place on your chosen paper and click and a dotted line will appear across your paper. Then copy and go to white blank page and click on your move tool and click paste. Then just follow directions as in Scrap Orchard tutorial. Some papers will not work but by trial and error you will learn what does and doesn't work. Also the size of your white blank paper and the paper/background you have chosen to use must be the same. You can also make the Height more pixels like 10 or 15 px and that will make the stripes wider. If you have any questions I will be glad to try to help you.

The paper example I have chosen was from Marisa Lerin's paper creation Argyle (on right in example)

Sorry, Should have been reversed.
The left side is the After and the right side is the Before.

Oh Brenda, thank you so much for posting instructions for PSE users..I have PSE11 and will definitely start practicing this!!!

OH MY GOSH I DID IT!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, Brenda!!! This is going to help me so much!

Lisa Marie, using PSP it is just as simple:
- using the Selection tool, select a 1 pixel high rectangle
- copy and paste as a new image
- then resize the image while UNCHECKING the "Lock aspect ratio"
and voilà! This works on any version.

How fun is that! Thanks for sharing!

Awesome! I have been using Photoshop for a long time, and never knew you could do this!

That's great! Thanks for sharing Karry. smiley

Wow, what a great technique. Will be fun to play with. Thanks for sharing.

This is a great tutorial. Thank you for sharing it with us. This technique is brilliant!

Wow, I totally missed this thread. I think it was when my mom took a turn for the worse and I wasn't here much.

@Brenda - I ended up buying PSE12 (twice, darn it) and will try that.

@Carole - I think I've done that technique before many moons ago lol. Sounds a lot easier and it should work fine in my archaic PSP8 lol. ETA: Okay I didn't think this was going to work. I selected a 300 pixel section thinking it equaled 1". Didn't work at all. BUT .. I went back and did the 1" which looked like there was nothing there! Resized to paper size and voila - it worked!!

Thanks, ladies!


The trick is clever and brilliant!!!..thank you for sharing.. smiley