How to photograph items for extraction

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How to photograph items for extraction

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How do you take a photo of buttons, flowers, curled ribbons (things that has depth) so they get a crisp/focused look for extraction? We have tried putting a white sheet of paper beneath the button, placed it on our palm, on the concrete outside, on our porch (anywhere we can get natural lighting) but it seems that when we view the pics at 100% (actual pixels) it gets blurry. Are we doing something wrong? Is there a certain technique or is it just that we didn't focus it well on the object we need to extract?

Are you using a tripod ? .... you need a steady camera to begin with and holding it will not give you that ...and try bringing your photo size to the largest you can on your digital camera

Thanks Susan. We save the file at 30x36" output and scale it down when downloaded. With the camera on manual, it's a hit or miss for us when we hold it. Why didn't we think of the tripod? Hehe. Thanks again for this.

There is a post on this subject, but I think it was more about scanning for extraction and not so much photographing. Although I think that subject was also touched. i'll have a look...

Found it and yes, it was mostly about scanning items to extract. Maybe you learn something new:

As for the answer to your question: yes, tripod!

Why didn't I think of that? I made tons of pictures trying to hold it as steady as possible, hoping I would make a picture that wasn't blurry.. smiley

Using a tripod properly as well ... make sure all three feet are level, opening the larger section first and the camera post should not be extended if possible ... try the legs first ... cameras on long stems can tremor even with a small breeze if you are outside

Thanks Melo. I'll go over and read it. We have a scanner though we only scan documents. Haven't tried using it for elements.