I could use a bit of QC help...

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I could use a bit of QC help...

Hey, I made a paper using Photoshop Touch and some PixelScrapper templates/overlays on my tablet, but I don't have any way of checking to see if it turned out ok.... So, would someone be willing to QC this for me? I would REALLY appreciate it!

this should be the file link...

The links takes us to Google drive, but one has to sign in.

I'm logged in but it says I needed to request access from you, so I did. I'll check again tomorrow when I get on. smiley

Sorry. I wasn't able to set it to public on the Google Drive app... It should work now, though. Thanks. smiley

I'm not a QC person per se'... I don't own any programs to check it with but just downloading the background and looking at it at 200% in PS it looks pretty good to me. Hopefully someone with more expertise in the area will jump in and let you know more. smiley

OK, so it saved at a good quality, 12x12, 300 DPI? I don't have the ability to check those very basic things in Photoshop Touch.

I downloaded your paper, and opened it in Photoshop, and it shows that it is 2048 pixels by 2048 pixels at 72 PPI, Which makes it 28.444 inches square.

I too have a 2048x2048 document... approximately 6.8 inches at 300dpi... too small for 12x12 smiley
I was originally just looking at pixelation & blurring for you... sorry I didn't even think to check the overall dimensions.

I´ve sent you a message yesterday via contact form, hope you got it Mollie

Awesome. Thank you for the feedback. smiley
It's disappointing to discover that it isn't being saved properly. smiley I guess I will have to fiddle with PS Touch a bit more to see if I can get more functionality out of it... or, I might end up having to abandon it altogether. /sigh