I'd like to create a printable kit like this one

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I'd like to create a printable kit like this one


so that I can begin participating in the blog trains next year and begin a blog that will link to an Etsy store.

I have no idea how to put such a kit together.

Ideally, I'd like to create a kit that could be available for both print and digital scrapbooking and I'm not sure if those need to be at different dpi?

I assume that I would start by gathering some digital elements, making sure that they are at 300 dpi (or converting them to 300 dpi if one can even do that), positioning them on an 8 1/2 x 11 canvas, and saving that at 300 dpi.

Am I even on the right track?

The patterned paper will come later and I assume will involve some sort of repetitive pattern. (I know that Marisa has a tutorial on that.)


That's exactly what I do Leslie. Digital designers make everything at 300 DPI because it's good for print, it's unnecessary for viewing on the screen (screen work is usually done at 72 DPI). So if you're working in 300 DPI you're already good to go.

I arrange my elements on an 8.5x11 canvas, although do keep in mind that we only use that size in the USA. Everyone else uses A4. It's very close to the same size, so I *think* it will print out fine for people on A4. A4 is slightly larger.

Some people will print out and use any kind of element, others prefer more basic "paper" elements without strange textures (plastic, metal, etc). I would just do what you would want to use.

I include PDFs of my papers in 3 sizes (8.5x11, A4 and travelers notebook). I remove the texture because that's what I prefer, but that's not necessarily a standard. I do the travelers notebook size because that's what I use most, I'm not sure how much use it gets for others.

Thanks Marisa!

What size of "canvas" do you use for your traveler's notebook size? I too LOVE them as well and know that there are several different sizes of them.


Leslie "(or converting them to 300 dpi if one can even do that)" .... when you take a smaller dpi and create a large dpi out of it you stretch your pixels and that creates a blurry image ... you can go the other way and shrink your subject ... if you do feel you need to enlarge something try this .... enlarge by 10%, then enlarge by another 10% and then enlarge once more by 10% ..... don't go any farther and don't go up more than the 10% at a time ... that can work for you but I'd check the pixels at 100% after doing this to make sure it worked

I use an 8.5x11 canvas, and clip the paper to a 4.33in x 8.25in layer (the TN size)