ISO-Action or something to create a metal dog tag

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ISO-Action or something to create a metal dog tag

I am trying to find something to help me make a realistically looking dog tag. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Marisa has a dog tag asset here that you might like. I think it's pretty close - there's a bit of a lip/rim around the edge of the tags that this asset is missing (and if there's rubber tag protectors on the tag, the lip/rim would be hidden). Otherwise, it's nice.

If you wanted a different look to the metal, you could either just use the shape of that asset and apply your own style, or you could use this tag template here and, again, apply your own style and beveling.

I don't know your background with the military, but I am a veteran Marine wife (I would say "former", but you know, "Once a Marine, Always a Marine", and we are no longer enlisted) so I have seen my fair share of tags - on my husband, on other people, in the washing machine, around the house, lol - so I can describe them a bit:
They tend to have a grungy brushed metal look to them, especially if they've been around. They aren't particularly shiny. And service members usually put a tag protector - a black rubber bumper thing (kinda like what people put around keys) - around the edges to make them more comfortable. The ONLY time I have ever seen a dog tag without the black rubber border has been the tags that Marines (I dunno if other branches do it; I imagine they would, though) put on their shoe - just one shoe and I can't remember which one (it's a grisly reality, but it's so that they can be identified if there is nothing left of their body but shoes). And the text is stamped into the metal (social, blood type, and religious preference), so it's indented on the back and raised on the front. And most people have seen from movies and tv that they wear them on those quick-release ball-chains in sets of two - one tag directly on the chain and another tag connected by another loop of chain.

This picture that I (randomly) found online does a good job of showing the colour of the metal:

And this one shows the tag protectors and tags (so you can see the rim/lip I was talking about, too) - but they only use the black protectors. The other colours, to my knowledge, are a civilian thing:

I hope that helps. Sorry I can't provide more. smiley

Edit: the rubber protectors are called "silencers" 'cause they make the tags quiet. duh. My husband would be laughing at me right now... the same way he laughs at me when I call the green and brown "woodland" cammo uniforms "forest" (hey if there's "desert", then "forest" makes sense to me!). LOL! smiley