ISO Camping/Wilderness/Canoe/Hiking Embellishments/Paper

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ISO Camping/Wilderness/Canoe/Hiking Embellishments/Paper

I do a lot of camping and hiking and also work as a wilderness canoe guide for our Girl Scout camp in the summer. I have a ton of pictures but have a hard time finding a good variety of outdoor nature/wilderness theme digital materials for my albums. I use Panstoria's software and am a Pixel2Pages member as well as a member here. Any suggestions or links to kits would be greatly appreciated. (Freebies are even better)

We camp, hike, and our in nature a lot too in our family but most of my stuff I've found is IRL paper scrap stuff.... So I usually print those photos and paper scrap them instead of digital. If I find things, I'll try to remember to come here and share with ya!

You know, Marisa just posted she's looking for a new theme to design so maybe you could go in and suggest that to her. Here is the link to her post.

Word Art World by Jennifer has a camping kit, Roughin' It,

I have some camping stuff that I have created over the years. I am happy to send it to you. I don't think I can post anything here yet. Send me your email and I will shoot off the papers & PNGs I have. smiley

Thank you for all the great information gals! I'm checking them all out right now smiley

This one's a free kit. I'm not sure for how long though.
This one is my kit, if you're interested. If you'd like to try it, I can send you a coupon so the price is more to your liking. smiley

I have a free kit that I created for my cruise to Alaska.

Find it here:

I also bought this one by One Little Bird this year and I LOVE it.

Find it here:

@Rachel: What a beautiful freebie! Thanks for sharing!

@Rachel: Wow That's an awesome amount of Fantastic freebie gifts on your page!!! So very sweet of you!!! TYSVM

Thanks! I love to give things for free! smiley

Judith and Rachel - thank you SOOO much for your kits! I love them!!!

I have a kit as well .... it's for a walking tour but has a backpack and compass etc which may be used for a camping page .... it's even got a footstep scatter. I create this kit for the Scrapbook Studio designer challenge in September. It is the first kit I have ever done.

Get it Here