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ISO: CU label templates

I am looking for something like this, but that can be used for CU. Just very simple, nothing frilly or vintage or doodled. I could also use a brush set that produces similar results. For somer reason I find these label shapes to be really hard to make nicely in photoshop and I'd like to just skip to the fun part! This is one of those items where I have a hard time finding a good search term, so I thought I'd see if anyone knows of anything. Thanks in advance!

Found some in the public domain on here and here and here. Try searching 'wedding label' or 'decorative label or frame' or maybe 'box label'.

Heheh, and what about his one I just found right here on PS:

Or do a search: (and tick the 'template' box)

To add quick borders to these you can use the stroke layer style (switch to stroke inside). I also duplicate the layer, select it and then contract and delete like I did in this glitter border tutorial. That way you can have multiple borders at different widths.

Thanks Marisa! I knew I saw the tutorial somewhere, I just didn't remember which one it was - I checked every one except the glitter border one, lol...

Thanks Mel & Marisa! The lovely labels you found for me Mel are actually fancier than what I am looking for. There seem to be lots of more elaborate CU labels out there but no simple ones! Possibly because it's supposedly so simple to make that everyone assumes I'd just be making them myself...

Marisa, the techniques you mention have worked well on circular tags or other tags with equal width and height, but the problem I'm having is that the shape I really want to make is a banner-style tag like this one from your Paris kit (can't link to image): When I try to do a stroke, the inner point of the triangle is soft (like on this tag:, not sharp like it is in the Paris tag. When I do select and contract, it does not contract with an even border all the way around, but rather the border is thicker on the sides than on the top, and I think it dulls out the sharpness of the corners as well (I can't have PS & my browser open at the same time on my laptop, so I am describing this from memory smiley ). Any thoughts or advice?

Edited to add: I found these, and they're free even, from Megan Turnridge. She calls them "flag strips." See what I mean about this being hard to Google for? I never would have looked under "flag strips!"

Edited again to add: Cintia made some for me! They don't have the pointy-ended label, but in general they are exactly what I was looking for! She is so awesome, what a generous thing to do. I still need to find or learn how to make the pointy label, though!

I've had that same problem Violet! If someone knows the answer, I would love to learn too... I think in your first banner example Marisa just made a fat inner stroke. But how to make another smaller stroke on the inside with blank space in between as in your very first preview by Nettio designs... I don't have a clue either. Help anyone?

To make sharp stroke, you want to change it to stroke on the inside:

To make that Paris label, I may have duplicated the layer and just transformed the top layer to be smaller. This isn't a perfect technique because you have to shrink it by eye to get it to line up properly. I understand your frustrations. I struggle myself to get things just perfect as well. I'm suspicious that I should be making these things in Illustrator where possibly it's easier to get the layers to be sharp. But that's a test for another day.