ISO: CU Seed Bead Template

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ISO: CU Seed Bead Template

So, this is kind of random, but I'm looking for some CU Seed Bead templates! smiley

Never heard of Seed Bead - what is it?

You might be able to extract one from one of these CU OK scatter sets:

set one
set two
set three
set four

(Four looks the most promising to me.)

Also, I have a TON of these Steve Spangler Science UV-Reactive beads at my in-law's house:

If you wanted to extract from a picture of these, I could possibly get a picture of the beads in their base state (white), if you'd like... we might be out that way this weekend.

Are you looking for an image of one seed bead ? Very tiny lol .... extraction may be the best way to do it .... Patricia ...seed beads are those little glass beads that they used to make the choker daisy chain necklaces from in the 60's by stringing them on elastic thread .... they have been used by North American Indians for their seed art on leather since Europe introduced them to them.

Wikipidea: Seed beads are uniformly shaped, spheroidal beads ranging in size from under a millimeter to several millimeters. "Seed bead" is a generic term for any small bead. Usually rounded in shape, seed beads are most commonly used for loom and off-loom bead weaving

LOL, I´d never know what a seed bead is or that this is called seed bead. If I heard this with no explanation I´d think you were talking about these or these ones, that are actually made with plant´s seeds, and not with plastic. For me it also seems that the best way to go is extraction. If you have some place on your scanner with a contrasting background, cover the scanner with a cloth and scan at 600 ppi - because it´s easier to resize down than up...

If you think about, Mollie, that would be awesome! Thanks! Those links are good, too!

@Lorien: LoL I have some of those necklaces and when I bought them on vacations I now (thanks to you) remember they were called seed bead necklaces. smiley

@Susan, probably like a scatter/spill of beads is fine. I remember using the beads to make the "friendship" (safety) pins, with charms, when we were younger!

@Lorien...that colorful necklace is neat! I've not seen those, but I love it!

@Shawna @Tina - those are very popular here in Brazil! Once I knew a guy who used to pick the seeds and dehydrate it by himself to make the beads and then the necklaces/bracelets. The plastic ones have a totally different name here - (but are also popular).

My favourites are the little glass ones .... I don't use the plastic ones. I have used them in clusters for my embroidery and quilting for years. They are small enough to fill in a spot like a mitten to give dimension or to make a flower design on a skirt etc. Harder for me now that my hands are not co-operating any more though. I have a large collection of them, but the ones I love the best are the gold metallic ... they give a piece so much glitter. I also have some antique ones that were made from a black glass tube and broken ... jet beads that are different widths but all are very very tiny. They were on a little evening purse that my MIL gave me. The purse was well used and faded but the beads were like new.

I found a site that uses a bead loom ... I have one .... and examples of North American Aboriginal work ... absolutely beautiful

There are some fun bead options here at Pixel Scrapper that I'm sure you could use to make something:

I am sorry, I wasn't able to get the pics of the beads this weekend. I might be able to next weekend, if you want to wait that long (sorry). Just let me know.

No biggie! I ended up using one from here anyways! Thanks, though! (Although we may have found an item with a "need"! smiley )