ISO CU Wheat branch

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ISO CU Wheat branch

I´m looking for a CU or CU4CU realistic wheat branch. It may be a photo from some stock site that I can extract, modify and put in a kit.


Thanks Shawna!

If anyone have more suggestions, please LMK.

btt... Karry Dempsey needs one (A Single Wheat) too... ANYONE else got suggestions for Lorien or Karry? Thanks guys!!!

I've even gone so far as to go out to some family friends wheat farm and taken some pictures and tried to extract my own but I just can't get it to look right. Not sure which is harder...that or raffia!


I tried to extract the one I need, but I had no luck. I´ll probably draw something someday on my Wacom, but the kit I was hoping to use it for will come out with no wheat...

Love those sites with the wheat... great resources! Thanks smiley