ISO: CU4CU Metal Photoshop Styles

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ISO: CU4CU Metal Photoshop Styles

Hey, I was hoping to find some CU4CU Metal PS Styles. I have been able to find a LOT of just CU styles, but not CU4CU and y'all know that's the way I roll (or you do now lol). And, there seem to be a TON out and about for text, but they all look wonky when used on anything other than text. And there aren't any styles here (that needs to be fixed lol), so I am really stuck...

ANY help would be super appreciated and will more than likely lead to pretty things in the future! Thankies!

I found This one, they have different types of licence. Styles look good on text, but I can't say about other things because I didn't purchase it. But eventually, to change the bevel size usually fixes the problem when you use a text style on a shape.
Hope that helps!

Hi Mollie,

If you search under the Kits tab for "Photoshop sundry" there are styles on this site, although there are no metal styles (yet). You could always ask Sheila for some, since she does most styles here. I did the search for you, but for some reason it won't show up as a link today (hrrrrr, frustrating), so please copy and paste the entire link.[0]=im_field_type_of_kit%3A1414&f[1]=im_field_photoshop_sundry%3A1418

Thanks for the help!

Melo, I had NO IDEA these styles were lurking around here (well, I knew about the glitters but not the others)! LOL! Thanks for showing me! They're not metal, but still pretty darn awesome!

Most of the styles I am finding for text end up looking kinda wonky when applied to elements, so I am not sure what route I am gonna take... either beg Sheila ('cause her styles are awesome) or suck it up one of these days, stop being lazy, and make my own... lol! ;D

I found a tutorial on how to make your own for text, maybe knowing the steps you could create one that works well for other things by tweaking it?

Mollie.. You can use my styles to make CU items. I don't know if you saw my reply to your comment creativebloomdesigns.
Depending on what your making with them you may need to adjust some of the settings. If it's something bigger then text then playing with the bevel would probably work.. If you need help, just let me know & I will try to make them work for you.

Thank you very much for your generosity, Bre! I really appreciate it!!


Your metal styles are gorgeous! I love the burnished tones.

Mollie, Here are some metal styles that also tell you how to adjust for other elements. I didn't read all or download but it may be what you are looking for and I believe commercial use is available. Here is the link

Actually, metal styles are on my list. Maybe I'll try to get to some soon. What type of metal were you looking for Mollie?

Thank you, Brenda! I'm gonna download those and play around with them. I am not sure if there is CU availability for these styles, the author/creator is ambiguous about it, but I am thinking about contacting him and asking about it. At the very least, the tutorials linked on that page have already helped!!

Sheila - I would REALLY love to know where you got the style you used for this element.

In the slightly more distant future, I am looking for a chrome or quicksilver-looking style. In my head, I am thinking of something that looks kind of like silver dipped in water - not wet with beaded water or anything, just that extra shiny that water tends to do with chrome.

In the long run, I am a styles junkie and I LOVE all kinds of metals, so I will happily gobble up any pretty metal style presented to me... as long as it's CU/CU4CU and looks nice.

I have found a handful of decent styles, though they really work with lettering more than larger elements, and I am going to fiddle around with some of the techniques in the tutorial Brenda found. smiley

Mollie, that element was actually made with an action by atomic cupcake. I think it was burnished silver. I bought it a very long time ago. She is no longer in business, and does not make them anymore, unfortunately, but maybe in the future, I can figure out a way to do something very similar and make you a layer style just like it. The action looks complicated, but the look of it doesn't look that hard. If I can find a really good silver metal texture, get the colors and bevels right, I may be able to get something similar, (though not as great as hers, Atomic Cupcake ROCKS, I wish she were still around). Regarding styles that work well with text, but not elements, to my knowledge, I don't think there is a way to make a style that will work the same with all sizes because of the different effects of it. For instance, and this is a really generic example, but, if you set the bevel a certain distance high for a small or skinny "text", then when you use that same style on a larger element, the bevel or embossing of it will sort of "stretch out", or flatten considerable, because the settings are the same, but the size is different. Sorry if I'm not making sense. So you really have to have different styles with different settings for different sizes. Some designers make 3 different sizes, small, medium, and large. But its hard sometimes, because some people blow their text up really big and apply the style, then some shrink the text down tiny, then use the style. Both effects will be quite different, so, with 3 sizes, that gives a little room for playing. Anyway, there is so much more than just that example, but I am rambling on again...sorry. Anyway, I will see what I can do about making some:)

I MISS Atomic Cupcake, too... She was the BESTEST for actions regarding scrapping. I think I have almost all of them. She always had great deals on buying so many credits in bulk to make it worth it. smiley

Oh wow, what a bummer. I think it's really depressing when digital storefronts close... it's not fair. smiley

I miss Atomic cupcake, LOL. Because at least 10 designers already told me her things were great but when I started to design she was alreay retired. But I really like Sheilla´s stuff and I bet you´ll love when she makes her metal styles. Sheila, I´m very grateful for your designer resources!

Awwww!! Thank you Lorien, you will never know how much that means to me!!:)

I miss Atomic Cupcake, too. smiley But I did buy a TON of the actions while she was around!

Mollie, I like HG Graphic Design's styles...

Green Metal

Mixed Metals

Copper Verdigris

Gold and Metal



Old Metal

Destruction Styles

There's patterns and textures, too!

We need like buttons very badly here! LOL!

@Tina: I know, Right??? I find myself often wanting to heart an individual comment in a thread... but it's NOT like we already keep Jordan busy year 'round as it is. smiley LoL

You know, I just realized that I have been following her work! Gosh, that just shows me how much of a mess my watch list is on dA!! LOL!!!

Thank you for reminding me of her!! smiley