ISO: Different accordion flower templates

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ISO: Different accordion flower templates

I have been trying to find some different accordion flower templates and have had no luck at all. Anyone know where I an find actual templates?

I know there are several here on the site. I tried to post a link here but for some reason couldn't get it to work. Just search accordion flower, then narrow it down by clicking template off to the left. You'll find one by Sheila and several by me. I know that Marisa has some too, but they must not be labeled accordion flower. Will do a bit of digging to see if I can find them too.

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Try searching 'fan flower' to find Marisa's accordion flowers. smiley

I also haven't settled on what flowers I want for my St. Patrick's Day kit. I could easily have them be accordion flowers. So, if you don't see something here that you like, just let me know what you're specifically looking for. Then I'll make sure to turn them in to a template right away for you and send it your way. smiley

I think what i'm looking for is a fan flower that is a little bigger with more crimps in it, and one that is plane and doesn't have writing or a pattern on it. I have found one here, I will look for fan flower as well. Thank you so much. I tried to make one myself but it just wasn't working. haha

OK, so I search under fan flowers and found some I like. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

No problem at all. smiley

I'm sure this is too little too late, but I did end up making quite a few accordion flower templates for my latest St. Patrick's Day bundle. I'll be posting the template bundle sooner rather than later.

This is how the asset bundle turned out. smiley

Somehow, I just saw your bundle now Janet, it´s great. Also, I´ve altered one or two of your accordion flowers from last kits, and you´ll see them on some of mine sooner or later- probably later than sooner, LOL