ISO: Doodles/Scribbles Brushes or Png's

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ISO: Doodles/Scribbles Brushes or Png's

Sharing this request on behalf of Violet Irisovna. She's looking for the following:

I am always looking for brushes/PNGs of scribbles and doodles for art journal pages. That's one of the things that is SO easy to do in real-life art journaling and SO hard in digital if you don't have a tablet. Most of the free Photoshop scribble brushes out there are sized way too small to look right on a 12x12 page. Anyone know of any good ones? I'd prefer to find some freebies but I might buy some if I found a perfect set.

Looking for stuff like the cool circular doodle in this layout:

I love making doodles, so leave examples and I'll get to doodling. You can find what's on the site currently here (click on the kit to browse single files if you prefer)(sorry the glitters are mixed in) .

Thanks, Shawna! That was thoughtful of you to start a new ISO thread for me! I forgot to say that I would like for them to be CU, which definitely constrains my options.

@Marisa, I adore your doodles and have them all, I think. Set 15-19 and Birds in Snow are the most like what I'm looking for right now. My ideal would be more "scribble" than "doodle" - a thinner line rather then a plump doodle-sized line, with a more tight design (criss-crossing itself rather than a straight-ish line), and in a large size, around the max for a photoshop brush (2000 pixels, I think?). If it had an inky/uneven texture that could be a bonus, but I can always grunge things up myself. It's so silly that something that would be incredibly easy to do by hand - make a squiggly line - is so frustratingly difficult for me using photoshop and a track pad!

Here is an example of what I'm looking for, from my Birds & Bees blog train elements - scribbles like the ones behind the hives and the bees.

Other examples of the look I'm trying to find are the scribbles in these stamps:,

There are lots of scribble brushes on deviant art but they are all too tiny! Some of the too-tiny ones I like there are:,,,

Edit: I just found these - they would be perfect if they were way, way bigger. But I really like the shapes and the line width:

eta: 10/08/13 (by Shawna) to add the images for quick reference for everyone to see examples Violet is mentioning, although this doesn't limit what types... she's giving us great examples! smiley

@Violet: I have ulterior motives as I want to get some goodies to use, too. smiley LoL

OK, these are not CU, although I think she also sells CU licenses. Anna Aspnes has some great doodles, this pack is free:

But she has many many more here:

@Violet: I have the same problem with trackpads. Why not try to doodle the oldfashioned way on paper, scan and turn into brushes? Wait... You just gave me an idea there (or I gave me an idea I guess smiley) *scribbling on paper right now and firing up the scanner*

I've found the key to making doodles is using Illustrator. It smooths things out and makes them look like proper doodles. It's as easy as doodling on paper.

Since not everyone has access to Illustrator, I'm happy to do some doodling for everyone.

looking forward to what Melo and Marisa come up with... the competition is on! Ready? Set... GO!!! LoL

GREAT freebie find Melo for this exact purpose!!! smiley

@Shawna: I didn't want to make my post too long, but I love that you included the images, thanks!

@Melo: Scanning! I don't have access to a scanner right now (it's somewhere post-fire and has yet to be set up again) but it's something I hadn't considered as an option for making my own doodles. I tend to shy away from it because it's kind of a drag, but considering the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into my hunt for the perfect doodle brushes, it's probably worth it. smiley

@Marisa: I wish I had Illustrator! I've had several "banging my head against the wall how do other people do this" design questions to which the answer has been "Illustrator." Thanks for doodling on my behalf!

oooooh - Marisa, can you do an Illustrator tutorial for that when you get the chance? my hand-written stuff is way too wiggly, and I'd love to do more of that smiley (see my contribution to the Oct. blog train hahahaha) smiley

Duh, I own Illustrator, just never thought of doodling in it! I'll give both a try, see what I like best, doodle and scan or doodle in Illustrator... Stay tuned to find out;)

@Meg: I really don't know much about Illustrator. Basically I just pick the brush tool and draw. Haha, not sure what I'd say in a tutorial.

For those that don't have Illustrator, Inkscape is a free vector program that would create the smooth lines like Marisa is talking about in Illustrator. If you have something like a Wacom tablet, or are good at using your mouse to doodle with, that would be an alternative to Illustrator. I'm not good at doodling at all, but I have been using Inkscape to create vector files so I can size them any size I want.

If the scribble brushes you like aren't big enough can you not make them bigger, or does that distort the size of the line too much?

Well, here is a dingbats font:

Maybe you can make bigger brushes with it...

Thanks for the tip on Inkscape Diane!

I have an older version of Inkscape for when I use to convert items to cut on my wishblade. Good reason to update it and get reacquainted. smiley

Ok. My most recent attempt has been uploaded.

I think those of you with older versions of Photoshop will have problems with the brush file. I think a lot of the problems come from the size of the brush, and in the case of this set several of the doodles are quite large. I didn't know if it was better to make them smaller, or to have an incompatible brush set. I like the size of the doodles because some of them go almost across the page, and it seems sad to make them smaller. So I left them big. Let me know what you think!

The PNGs will work for us-who-have-older-versions, don´t worry Marisa!

Thanks for the doodles Marisa should be fun to play around with.

@Cintia, that font looks great! The site says it is "public domain" so I am guessing it's going to be okay for CU. Thank you!

@Marisa: Oh boy! I love them! You're like my magic doodle fairy. I think you made the right call on keeping them large. They'll offer so much more freedom that way, and I know I can always make a brush set if I want to be able to use them as brushes. Thank you so much. What a thrill to be able to be in dialogue with a designer this way! smiley

@Violet: It's easy to get stuck in a design rut, so it's helpful to get suggestions from people. Not everything catches my fancy, but sometimes it does. And knowing that someone is actually looking for it is definitely a boost in motivation.

bumping this one to the top too in case any one who hasn't seen this thread has any more ideas or places they'd like to add to the discussion as this is one of my things I will be adding art journaling to my goals list next year. So a tad for selfish reasons LoL smiley

I'm not sure whether this has been shared yet...but Here's several doodle/scribble kits here on the site. I know that I also have this charity kit available on my website. There's also a template kit available. Not sure if either of those are of use...just thought I'd throw them out there.

I have dabbled at making doodles and the tablet is hard to use. Illustrator is the best overall. Vectors make much neater lines.