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ISO easy to follow tutorials

I'm looking to get into the design aspect of digiscrapping but I have no idea where to start. Anyone know any good tutorials for making elements, like flowers and buttons and stuff? Besides here on PS? I'm working with Photoshop CS5, if that makes any difference.

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@Shantalina: I personally don't know any answer other than our very own software specific tutorials forum, but the other designer type ladies here I'm sure may be able to point you in the right direction. I vaguely remember a conversation about some online classes some of the ladies took. If I can find it quickly I will try to share the link to that post. But please by all means peruse our tutorials section and if their aren't tuts specific to what you would like to learn, let us know. Marisa loves helping us figure stuff out. smiley

Here are a few . The ones for Paint Shop Pro could probably be used in Photoshop with a bit of tweaking.

Paint Shop Pro :


A lot of elements are actually scanned and extracted by designers. Otherwise, there are so many ways to make things, it's hard to answer a question like this. If there's something specific you'd like to know, you can leave a request here.