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ISO: Geek/Fandom

Anyone know where I can find some GEEK or fanboy/girl kits? They don't have to be free. I'm looking to scrap pictures involving fandoms (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc.). So, I am not looking for one fandom in particular but more just along the lines of being geeky and obsessed with a certain show or movie. I've found some stuff out there that says "nerd" but it is usually more math/science oriented.

I've seen them here or there but couldn't remember where, but Google to the rescue. Looks like there are LOTS of HP:

Much less for Dr Who but here's one

Sorry, I tried to make it clear in the OP -- I would like to find a general kit with a theme of geekiness or fandom about any show or movie or whatever people "geek out" over! Since I have several different fandoms I'll be scrapping, I was hoping to find one generalized "geeky" kit, rather than a kit for Dr. Who, a kit for HP, a kit for Sherlock, etc. Does that make sense? I'd like to go more generalized than specific.

When I try to find geek kits, I either get results like you did -- specific to one fandom -- or it's technology/math nerd oriented. I seem to recall seeing something like I'm thinking of once upon a time, but I can't remember when or where!

Are you in a hurry for this kit? Do you have a color palette you prefer? I can try making one, since it´s something I´d also use, but it will probably take some months...

If you want to make one, @Lorien, that would be great! I'm in no huge rush and no color palette in mind. Black/white and brown neutrals to go with a variety of fandoms, maybe? With some pops of Tardis blue. smiley

I was just looking for the same this this afternoon! My husband and I are going to dragoncon next month. He always goes but this will be my first time. We wanted to be able to PL/scrap it. If you find anything or if anyone makes something please, please let me know.

Pixels & Company has some great ones that might work:

Have fun!

I´ll do it - just not sure if it will be my next kit or not. Any other suggestions? Is anyone into Steampunk fandom and want some pops of it as well? Do you want it Pocket style oriented?

We're not into steampunk. Yes, I prefer pocket style. Also, could we have pockets that match color schemes of traditional comics or something that just says 'Geek On' or "get your geek on" etc.

I looked at the ones from Pixels and Co and they were more Gamer than anything else; we don't game so most of the kits didn't really fit us. We are movie/tv/comic geeks.

You could throw some steampunk in there, if you'd like. Not my thing but others might like it! Pocket style would work well. I'm picturing things geared toward tv shows/movies/books. Like flairs with little TVs, movie reels, & books. Or a sticker that says "I smiley ______________" and a blank line to fill in the fandom. smiley Or a journal card that is a short list with the title "My Favorite ___________" on it. Or a series of "my favorite" journal cards with my favorite character, my favorite fandom, my favorite episodes, my favorite catch phrase, etc...

Here are some word art or word tag ideas:
my favorite
geek out
geeks have all the fun
sci fi
THIS makes me happy
fellow fans
catch phrase
<insert catch phrase here>

element ideas: 8-bit pixel hearts, open book, stack or row of 3 books, remote control, ticket stub, comics, word bubbles, stars

Aha! I picked a palette. I took brown (and so, steampunk) out for now, to have some pops of red and yellow, but I didn´t pick too much primary ones, not to mix with kids superhero kits.

Do you say "Movie marathon/series marthon" for when you watch several of them of the same sequence in a row (for example, the six SW movies in a day"?

I´m also including some things for people going to conventions and other events, like "Meet and Greet" word strip, "My first Geek Convention", "Geekest day of the year" and such. They will be useful to me, since I go to at least one "Con" a month (more sometimes, since my main work is selling stuff on them...) both to work and have fun.

All of those ideas sound fantastic! Some of the shows/movies we watch and participate in regularly would include Dr. Who, LOTR, The Hobbit, CS Lewis, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Firefly, Buffy, Disney, Game of Thrones series (TV and books), 80s everything, Gravity Falls. If you could include some tag or something that connects to Gravity Falls that would be awesome. We're cosplaying Dipper and Wendy at the end of August when we go to DragonCon.

I am so excited to see what you come up with, thanks Lorien!!!

Yes, sometimes I refer to it as a movie or tv marathon! We also refer to it as "binge-watching," when we sit down and watch a whole bunch of shows or movies back to back.