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ISO: Glitter Template

Does anyone have a good glitter template they would like to share or can they point me in the direction of where I could find one? I hate havering to bug other people for glitters like for Blog Trains, etc. but I just can't seem to make a descent one and some out there are just gorgeous. I know a lot of people use Art Rage to make their glitters but to be honest I don't really feel like installing another program and having to learn it for one purpose when I KNOW I should be able to create something good with photoshop. I have tried numerous tutorials but everything I create just doesn't have that "sparkly" effect.

I've had best results with the process Priscilla shared in the "July 2014 Blog Train - Working" thread.

She linked to this tutorial. It starts out in ArtRage to make the glitter page, but the rest is in Photoshop. As long as you have a silver glitter page (or a few) to work with you really don't need ArtRage.

Priscilla then linked to this glitter page here on Pixel Scrapper. (The preview doesn't show it well, but it IS chunky glitter - it's just a HUGE page.) But, going this route, you could certainly use other glitter pages that are here on PixelScrapper, too - the darker silver ones might help make some colours more accurate.

This is probably the route I will take in the future to make glitter - because everything else I have found (which isn't much) just doesn't give me the results I want! smiley

This one is sitting on my wishlist:

Edit to add: I have this set of styles that I use on my kits - it won´t work to make gliter sheets, only on ellies:

If you have a glitter style or effect that is good for cu .... create a 12 x 12 inch square shape in your 12 x 12 page and place the effect on the shape .... if there are any shadows go in and remove the shadow or bevel etc and then save as a png ... you can now use this glitter sheet for whatever you need .... of course it has to be the right shade but sometimes you can get that by changing it once it has been saved as a png ....

I have the glitter texture sheets by Lyllah, they're gorgeous and each sheet is a different size glitter, from a sheen/shimmer right up to chunky children's craft style glitter.

For glitter styles I use Marisa's as a base... I create a 2 inch square canvas, fill it, apply a glitter style... convert it to a smart object/rasterize it (I forget which is which)... then I adjust the saturation to 0, and now its ready to be recolored. Then when I have my recolored square, I save it as a pattern... (Edit menu: Define Pattern) Then you can now swap this pattern with the pattern in the existing glitter style and save as a new style.

Of course then these glitters I can only offer as PU styles. smiley

Let me know if you need more splainin!

Call me silly, but I made my own.
Ingredients as follows:
Glitter in all the different colours.
Spray on glue
Card board squares - preferably white
A good quality scanner
I save them as jpegs and now I use them whenever.
It is loads of fun - but you do make a bit of a mess

Catherine .... unfortunately elements doesn't rasterize .... it opens everything as a bit map .... one of the big issues with elements for me actually .... if I can ever manage to afford PS that will be why I choose it ... I miss being able to create my own shapes etc without making them into brushes .... there is no pen tool either

Michelle ... do you have a sample you can post? I think I would make them png or tif rather than jpeg so they don't lose pixels each time they are opened.

@ Susan, I thought you might be interested in this info, food for thought:
Adobe is moving the direction of their services to the Creative Cloud subscriptions - meaning that they won't be offering any more stand-alone one-time program purchases (like every single last one of their previous programs have been). So, for $10-60/month (depending on what you want to use - check out here for the details) you can get access to Photoshop CC, and any future updates. You can download the 30-day free trial at any time to test them out. So, if all you're wanting is to use Photoshop and none of the other bells and whistles, it's just $10/month.

Thanks Mollie ... I know about the cloud ... my son has purchased it .... being a senior on a pension means I have to really think about any monthly charges now ... it's the proverbial pain lol .... my son pays $20 here in Canada with a student discount so it's a bit more expensive in Canada ... isn't everything ??????? ... but I am toying with it.

Not all that long ago I released the glitter template in this template kit. The individual templates are currently being uploaded...but that one hasn't made it yet. Maybe it can be of use?

Oh, and on a side note, I went old school and created it with real glitter that was photographed and then made into paper. When you zoom in it's incredibly detailed. This is what it looks like zoomed in at 100%.

I don't really know why I clicked on this link, as I haven't actually used glitter yet, but I clicked on Janet's template kit link, and am currently downloading it - I just LOVE the templates in this kit!

I have a glitter template that I created by scanning an actual scrapbook glitter paper. Sorry, no preview (it's a .TIF file) You are welcome to use it for CU. here's my TOU.

Download from my dropbox.

That's a great little way to create some glitters. Mainly I just want to create glitters to use on elements for blog trains.

Sounds like a great project for my little boy. I already have heaps of glitter in my craft room from traditional scrapbooking. Might have to try it. Would hate to get glitter in my scanner though but I wonder what it would look like if I just took a photograph?

Holy buckets...I bought that kit. Guess I should have looked at what was in it more closely.

Rose...thank you so much smiley

There is a good tutorial in the tutorial section here smiley The template that Janet has here is great as well!