ISO: Inclinometer or astrolabe

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ISO: Inclinometer or astrolabe

I have a ridulously hard to find embellishment, perhaps one that hasn't even been made. I thought maybe others would as well.

I'm looking for an inclinometer. Specifically, an astrolabe.

Hi Amber,

I have no clue what an Inclinometer is, maybe you could give us a hint? Or better yet, a picture? I changed the title of your post a little, to make others aware that you are ISO ( In search of). Let's hope someone can help you out!

The closest I could find to an astrolabe were steampunk gears (like these) smiley

I just did a google search for astrolabe and came up with these images. I'm sure you could find some copyright free royalty free images to use...

An inclinometer is used to measure the angle of something in relation to gravity. An astrolabe (it means "star-taker" - which I think is pretty cool) is used specifically to determine the location of astronomical bodies and it is used for astronomy, navigation, and astrology.

I did some digging and I was not able to find any scrapbooking embellishments. I do not have the time to make any, but I did find some resources that might help if anyone does want to undertake the task of making one.

I found two graphics from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. They are free to be used for PU, and are a nice size (and even available as a TIFF file). CU requires a license and they can get costly.
Regiomontanus' Astrolabe
Later Astrolabe

I found a graphic off of Wikipedia that is large enough that it might make a good template or reference.

I found a Photoshop Brush Pack on DeviatART that contains 13 astrolabe brushes that are free-use as long as you don't redistribute them as-is, but I have no idea what size or quality they are.

I found an image of an astrolabe deconstructed.

I found a website that discusses the history of the astrolabe and other information. About 3/4 the way down the page, in the left column of text, there are some links for some printables to make your own paper astrolabe.

And... I found a website with just general info about astrolabes and how they work.

Thanks! I'm helping a friend design a logo for a LARP.

@Mollie, WOW, that was extremely informative!! If I ever need anything, I am soooo asking you:) lol!!!

LOL, sounds it will be a fantastic LARP logo. My hubbys team has just some gears, lol.

wow, Mollie, you should get into moderating smiley Your answer was a lot more helpful than mine, haha!

LOL! When I was a kid, my mom nicknamed me "the finder" because I LOVED to find things and was pretty successful at it. Now, I just like finding information. I wish there was a job where I could get paid to do something like answer Yahoo!Answers questions (you have NO idea how much it bothers me sometimes that so many of those are so poorly answered). Hahahaha. smiley

There was a Fox spin-off tv show from Bones called "The Finder" and I empathize with the main character a bit. If someone asks him to find something and he's intrigued enough by it, he can't put it down until he gets a resolution on it. I do that a LOT with information - spark my curiosity and I'm gonna dig around until I find something satisfying.

I'd actually love to get into moderating - I LOVE finding the answers to questions and I LOVE to organize and sort things! But I am reluctant to commit to such a responsibility at this season of my life: we're waiting on separation papers (any time now) and then we'll be moving half-way across the country and I'll have to go from being a SAHM to having a full-time job again - and I just don't know how much free time I will have then. I would hate to say "yes, I can do this" and then not be able to... otherwise I'd have a blast moderating. smiley

In the meantime, I am more than happy to answer questions. smiley

Mollie, there is! It's called a librarian! smiley

Research assistants also do this sort of thing. If it were in a field that interests you, it would be right down your alley. smiley

ROFL @ Tina!! Of course: a LIBRARIAN! Why didn't I think of that?? Talk about a massive blonde-moment! HAHAHAHA!!! LOL. smiley
Maybe I should seriously look into that... I've always thought that being a librarian would be tons of fun!

@Mollie: Thanks for all your help answering questions and we understand life coming at you hard and fast. I truly hope that everything works out for the best for you with all these changes coming up and we'd always love to have you if the time ever presents itself. And know that we appreciate your "great" participation here at PS. You've been a great addition to our little community. Thanks for being here! smiley

At least here in brazil, librarians eans a good ammount of money. Sometimes wish I havd made the graduation to be a librarian in college istead of history... Although historians are also detectives in some ways...

Awww, thank you Shawna. I've been having a difficult, Murphy's Law kind of morning, and your post really has brightened up my day! smiley
I'm so very happy to have found this place. SO many nice, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly people! If I can return even a fraction of any of the kindness, courtesy, and generosity I have been shown, then I am happy to be able to!

YW Mollie: I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself here! I'm glad I could cheer your day up too. smiley
My momma sent me a birthday card today for my birthday tomorrow.
It said: "On Your birthday, remember the early bird gets the worm...BUT of course the early worm gets eaten!
So, it's kind of a mixed message -- Murphy's Law"
LoL It was funny to me because she knows I've had a lot of Murphy's days lately. smiley