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Wow, wow, wow!!! What an awesome set!

It's hard to know what to say without sounding trite. Thank you so very very very much!

That is gorgeous, Tina! I love the 10 things you should know template, what a treat!

@Allie - I'm not sure if you're still working on this, but I noticed this thread a few days ago and didn't have anything to add. But today I came across something you might find useful. The link is to a digi scrapper who does adoption profiles, and she shows some sample designs/layouts. Thought maybe you could browse it for some ideas.

All the best to your family. smiley

smiley Catherine

@Tina - your kit is amazing! you have such a big heart!

Hi Catherine - yeah, still working on it in bits and pieces as time allows and trying not to get burned out on it (it's an emotional thing to write)... I finally have an idea of how I want it to look. I'll probably be working on it for the next couple of months until after our recert goes through the courts, but before we go out of town in October.

That site is a good one, and have stolen a couple of style ideas off of it - but I'm glad you linked it in case others want some inspiration in the future. smiley

What an exciting journey for you to be undertaking! And it is so wonderful to see that Tina created such a great kit!

It is so interesting to me to see that you have to compile these things AND that there is someone out there who professionally puts them together for people. Wow.

I know you are already well underway, but I just had to throw these out there for anyone else who might need to put something similar together. Paislee Press is the perfect minimalist, and I always think her designs are classy and kind of timeless. She has some nice templates and kits that work well with this sort of a project.

Here is one of her sets of quick pages that just seems so sweet to me.

Just as an update... I'm about four pages in, therefore am roughly halfway through. I realized I'm getting a lil burned out so I backed off a little, and will be getting back into it this week sometime.

Working on the profile is also why I haven't participated in any of the layout challenges. After messing with the profile so much, my brain's just burned out. smiley

In other news, we have a case number with the court and questionnaires are in the hands of our references... yay!

I also ran across this:

And congrats on the case number!

I finally got what you were making I Sorry I was so dense. I kept thinking just be real! I hope you find what you want. I am so inspired to work on this. I'm not sure I know everything, But to try!

@Allie: How very excity that you guys now have a case number!!! Means you're one big step closer. Hugggs and can't wait to hear about the newest addition to your family. I'm sure it will happen faster than you realize.

@Retta: I went ahead and deleted the post it seemed you wanted deleted for you. No worries. Thanks for being a valuable part of our little community here! smiley