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We start decorating tomorrow. Or at least, we will have the tree up. I don't know where we will put it, because we have a huge dressoir being delibereert tomorrow and still need to move three closets out of the way before we can place it. And in order to move those closets, we will need to move pretty much everything else in the room to a different place too. So looking forward to tomorrow - not....

But in the end, we will have a beautiful handmade Indonesian dressoir and a tree. I hope.

Well, we finally got our tree fully decorated Saturday (that was fun); and I finally got the nieces & nephews' gifts wrapped and shipped out.....phew! The sad thing is I've had all their gifts since October. I don't know why I didn't wrap them then & box them (stupid me). Now my focus is toward my family's gifts - haven't shopped for them yet. I'm not very organized this year...

I´m not decorating anything this year because I deceided I´ll play Scrooge role and don´t celebrate Christmas (I was planning to do a huge party but this year changed everything! I didn´t had two business to run and a road trip for a whole month when I planned it, but it was deceided it was either a huge party at my house or no Xmas, so, no Christmas will be - but possibly a Civil New Year party for friends...). However, hubby and I just realised that even not celebrating Christmas it´s expected to give some gifts to close family and, guess what? I´ll start buying the craft supplies for them today... Hope my business party has some goodies in stock that I can buy not to craft everything. I won´t be giving anything that is not hand made or at least customized...

About the topic: For one hand, I really desire to do this request for you, for the other hand I realised some days ago that I´ll only start it in the late January or in February - and I am a really slow poke to design, because I spent lots of time on quality control... So it´ll maybe due on Saint Patrick´s or so. Is it too late?

No rush, Lórien. smiley I'm just grateful that you & the girls are willing to do this - it's special to me. smiley

Me too (excited & grateful) smiley -- Sorry I've been so out of touch this week. We had two family reunions out of state and then the Noravirus hit our house. smiley absolutely NO FUN!!! and we leave sat for almost a week, so I'm thinking it may be after the first of the year for me to help get the photos and color scheme with Lizanne ready anyways. My anniversary is in May so any time by then would be fine for my use. smiley

Tree is down, dressoir is gorgeous, we even managed to clear out the attic AND garage! Now for this Lilac wedding kit... I am slowly ending the kit I have been working on and I have already done some research/brainstorming - all I need is a go on the color scheme. Is it OK if I post some pretty looking ones here tomorrow? Not trying to get you into gear or anything, just want to try my hand at this, since I love lilacs!

I will have something up by the end of the week. I need to scan a couple photos I guess and pull some colors together in a palette of sorts. Then Lizanne and I and you designers can chose the perfect combo & theme for y'all. smiley I already started pulling some hydrangea photos from the internet that represent my flowers.

Ok... So, the last couple days I've been working on an inspiration board for the blog train, finding stuff that we've mentioned in the post that would be cool to include. I will continue to add a few inspiration pieces as I find them over the next couple days. I will find a template and make a palette. Hopefully Lizanne can email me in the next couple days and we can get y'all the color scheme before the end of the weekend here on this thread.

Remember Lizanne's post has TONs of awesome ideas of little items to add to the kit... It's post #6 in this thread. She's added to it constantly as thoughts/ideas arose. Whenever the leaders start the blog train post like normal, they can copy that and share the link to the pinterest board for other inspiration, too. I know there's a lot there but wanted everyone to have plenty to go off of between Lizanne's list and photo inspiration once y'all got started (especially since I'm not a designer and don't know which way y'all would want to head with it). smiley

Here's the pinterest board I created for it the wedding blog train kit. smiley Hope we're on the right path for the type of info y'all need to get started if not let us know what else to give y'all (besides the color palette, we're working on it.

I'm so excited about this blog train kit(s)!!! smiley

Wow Shawna, you're been busy!! Wonderful inspiration there, I can't wait for the color scheme and get started!

Ok... I'm so not a designer and it took me a couple hours to figure out how to upload pictures to get the colors in them and then download ase files and then create this square box "thingy" to make you all some color schemes. I also hand wrote down the numbers of the colors so when you chose which one, I can add those for y'all as I've seen you guys talk about those. LoL

They aren't that varied... but some purples and blues looked better together I thought, but what do I know. Ha Ha... NOTE: I haven't heard from Lizanne yet so I'm not even sure if she will like the path I took, but I was trying to go off the photos uploaded here and include the color of shamrocks/emerald for her Scottish roots.

I was thinking I didn't need to these... (but if I do let me know) ...but I know she and I both mentioned we used white and platinum/silver in our weddings. I also figured black might be a given in any wedding kits due to the tux(es) of course. But I'm not sure if you want that on the color palette chart too. Anyway, here's what I've got so far after about 3-4 hours tonight. You ladies so NEVER have to worry about me being a designer and becoming competition!!! LoL smiley


Almost all the colors you choose are out of gamut, which means that they may not look good if printed. The colors my photoshop suggest to substitute are really different from the colors you choose smiley

Can someone wiser than me help with gamut on these colors?

How's this:

Thanks so much Marisa:!!!
1) Is there any way the dark purple (the third one in from the right) can be closer to the palette TWO?
2) Is there any way the darkest blue (the third one in from the left) can be a little more blue instead of as purple?
3) Can all the colors be a tad more rich or more saturated (if that's the right term)

I really don't understand why they are showing out of gamut. When I did the gamut proof to my sRGB Epson profile according to my printer/monitor profile I have set up they turned out fine. I even printed a test sample on my Epson and they look pretty good to me... but I don't really know anything else about gamut or printing elsewhere so I'll leave it to the pros. When I compared your palette to the photos I have on my PC they look a tad more muted or fuzzy... if that makes sense, but when I printed them they were pretty close to mine. I'm sorry, I'm sure I am not using the correct terminology for all of this. Like I said you lovely designers have nothing to worry about me stealing your jobs... hahahahaha

I did this new one for you. smiley ETA: PS since you're fixing the colors, I'll let you give the ladies(designers) the correct color numbers, since mine are off somewhere. I'm just so excited y'all are willing to do this! I sure hope Lizanne likes it (the way I interpreted it), since it was her original idea. I haven't heard from her in a long time. I hope she's ok. smiley

I made the purple a little brighter, but it seems that the blue can either be out of gamut or the one I have posted. I'm not a gamut expert, but I believe the gamut warning in Photoshop comes on if there could be a problem with printing, not that there necessarily will be (in the case with your printer). Since when I design, I'm not designing to a specific printer, I have to just take the warning as is.

Of course, part of my issue with the gamut warning, is just because the color may change slightly in the case of some printings, doesn't mean it's actually a problem. We could go with the brighter blue, and then possibly if someone prints it out, it will just look like the flatter color in my version.

... but won´t Liz and Shawna print their wedding albums? In my opinion it´s better to go with in-gamut colors - I already had awful surprises with printing...

OK OK OK.... whoo Hoo I'm learning something new!!! smiley

So after a few youTube videos and a lot of reading, I think I got this gamut thing down... sort of anyways -- LoL

I've made a new palette set with the numbers and I'm pretty sure they are in gamut according to the CYMK printing standards.
smiley smiley {happy dance} smiley smiley

Here ya go. One has more blue(ish) blues now with a tad brighter 2nd green. The other is the one Marisa has helped me fix with only the brighter green changed. smiley

I really hope Lizanne logs in soon to see this!!! Otherwise I guess if you guys are moving forward before she does I'm sure she will be happy. At least I hope so. smiley

No... Lórien: You are TOTALLY right! We will be printing them, so I took the time to educate myself better. LoL
Hopefully, I've got it right now for y'all above this response. LMK if I didn't please, because that means my mind didn't get it. LoL smiley

@Shawna: Way to go buddy! You say you don´t wanna be a designer, but once you figured out the gamut thing you went VERY WELL *claps hands* Now your palette has pretty colors and is in gamut! So proud of you smiley

You got one of the hardest designer lesssons smiley the two things that bother me the most when designing are gamut and jaggies, lol.

I vote for palette 1.

Have you tried to send a message to Liz via contact form?

I second that vote! And woohoo to you Shawna, for your first steps as a designer smiley

Thank you so much ladies!!! smiley I too like Palette ONE, myself. I saved that palette template as that was a new lesson for me too. Making and using clipping masks and grouping. LoL A lot of it was stuff you all have talked about here but I had just never tried. Seems silly that making a color palette would cause me to learn so many new things. Ha Ha I guess that's a good start to the new year of learning and getting better at using this PS CS5. Remember I just got it before thanksgiving so I was used to using CS3 before all their changes happened. CS5 is pretty robust, I can't imagine what CS6 has in it.

I did try to send her private contact message. I will try again now. Maybe, Marisa or Jordan could email her direct with her membership email? I think she would like it, but I honestly don't know since I haven't heard from her since her last post on here four weeks ago today. That's one thing about internet friends, you try your best not to worry when you don't hear from them for a while because you don't really have a way to check on them like local friends. But I know she told us she had a lot going on with all her activities the next couple months and we all know how busy life can get. smiley

Hey Ladies: I heard from Lizanne and she is wanting to go in a little different direction with the color scheme and the inspiration board so she is working on something over the next weekend (possibly a week if she can). I let Marisa know that if it's not ready in time for the March blog train for you all to feel free to choose another theme & colors palette to work with and once Lizanne is ready she will fill us in. Then this idea can become the blog train that fits into the schedule best for y'all at that point. smiley


PS If anybody is interested, please feel free to use the Number ONE color scheme on another kit you'd like, that's totally fine with me. smiley Maybe an April rain, May flowers kit... or what ever theme you'd like... Maybe someone can use it for something lovely. smiley The inspiration board is just that too.... I have no rights to it... I just scoured the internet and other pinterest boards so feel free to enjoy & use them. {{{huuugggs}}}

Hi ya'll!! And thanks so much Shawna.... ((HUGS))

Just wanted to let ya all know I didn't quit Pixelscrapper, nor have I dropped off the edge of the earth... I've just been out of commission due to health problems (the pain is pretty intense right now), and then there was the usual "school vacation" stuff (with both kids home & hubby taking vacation time to spend time with us), and basketball games (my youngest's team had their first game DURING Christmas break).

As you know I mentioned back in late November that I was looking for a kit that focused primarily on lilacs, had a vintage/rustic/French country feel to it, and had some Celtic elements (being that I'm part Irish & Scottish)......because my 20th wedding anniversary is coming up & my wedding album is in tatters (so I wanted to re-do it - but this time via digiscrapping). I didn't have much luck finding any kits like that, so I placed an ISO post on Pixelscrapper - hoping maybe someone had seen one that I hadn't. While no one had seen anything like this, a bunch of you offered to put something together for me, which warmed my heart immensely.

Shawna & I were corresponding a lot yesterday and today, at her suggestion, I put together a Pinterest board (pinning some of the things she had already pinned, which was SO helpful)... She thought it would help you all to better envision what kind of kit I was looking for. I tried to pick a good mix of things that would appeal to a lot of users, not just me, including FLOWERS. (I know how much the digiscrap community LOVES flowers...LOL....and what would a wedding kit be without flowers?! wink-wink) I hope you like the things that inspired me... To access the Pinterest board, go here:

If you have ANY questions whatsoever about what I've put up there, please let me know & I'll try my best to help. I tried to add notes on the things I pinned for inspiration so it wouldn't be too confusing. This weekend my husband has promised me he will clean out the scanner cabinet so I can scan some photos (since my back is too much of a mess right now, or I'd do it myself) - this way I can help come up with the color palette. I only hope someone in here would be willing to help me with the "gamut" part that Shawna mentioned to me (I have NO idea what that means or how to go about doing it).

I've seen some of the color palettes in this thread & a lot of them are close to what I was looking for (especially Shawna's palette two), though I will be altering a few colors a bit (in the blues & greens, mostly). And I'm hoping someone can clear this part up for me..... Is there a neutral component to this kit? And the neutral part is not part of the color palette? If so, could you tell me what colors those tend to be? When I think of the neutrals, I think of: white, black, silver, taupe (tea-stained.....and possibly pearl?) Please correct me if I'm wrong...

You will see a lot of Celtic elements on the Pinterest page, but the kit is NOT going to be all Irish. I just wanted to show what I meant by knotwork & "white-washed," for example. But I do like the Irish blessings a lot (a lot of sentimental value), as well as the earthy elements (stone, wood - natural, aged & white-washed), and I thought multiple pictures were the best way to illustrate what I had a hard time verbalizing.

Let me know what ya'll think! smiley I've put together a separate list (see next post) that separates things by papers/elements/alpha/wordart to make things easier...

I thought making this list might help a little... There should be examples of everything on the Pinterest page (link toward end). smiley

PAPER IDEAS: "When I Fall In Love" sheet music (this was sung at my wedding....the words to this song, typed in an old cursive script, on antique looking paper, is also another idea); "Canon in D" sheet music (found an awesome Celtic version over on Pinterest - you should listen to it - it's beautiful); Linen papers in palette colors; cardstock paper in palette colors; Crackled background paper (white & sage green, especially); Tea-stained paper/fabric background; rustic Wooden backgrounds (natural/aged/white-washed); Stone backgrounds (natural/aged/white-washed); Kraft papers (plain & stamped); Burlap paper; Plaid papers; Floral Papers (using the flowers mentioned under Elements category).

ELEMENT IDEAS: Frames (natural/aged/white-washed wooden frames; silver/pewter frames with Celtic knotwork; vintage leather); Photo corners (leather & linen); Scatters (pearls & emeralds); silver mesh ribbons/bows; Twig wreath (can be used as a frame or as a decoration on your layout for clustering); Twine ribbons, twine flowers, and twine tied around a lilac or hydrangea bunch; Kraft paper tags & envelopes (see Pinterest for examples); Champagne flutes; Vintage looking bottle of sparkling cider; Flowers (ivy, lilacs, hydrangea, dried hydrangea, thistle, lily of the valley, lavender sprigs?); Glass mason jars (clear & pale green... with and without a bunch of lilacs in); Old metal pitchers (with & without a bunch of lilacs in) &/or Ceramic pitchers; Rusty hinges; Vintage wooden crate; vintage typewriter; Calligraphy flourishes & art; Antique calligraphy pen; Journaling cards/notes; Vintage flourishes; Antique bikes; Ford Model T; Four leaf clover; Celtic knot wedding bands in platinum/silver finish; Plain wedding bands in platinum/silver finish; Wedding cake with white hydrangeas and blue-purple lilacs as decor; Rusted horseshoe; Vintage book hearts; birch wrapped candles; engraved silverware; and what not (I leave that up to you).

ALPHA IDEAS: A Calligraphy style Alpha (i.e. Jane Austin is an example of a calligraphy-style font - go with one you like); Celtic knotwork style in silver and/or black metal (or maybe a stiches/embroidered look one); a Wooden white-washed alpha with crackled finish (which would be especially nice for making Monogrammed things, like illustrated in Pinterest).

WORD ART IDEAS: The Irish blessings I pinned & 1 Cor 13:4-7 are the ones I desire the most... There's also some wooden sign inspirations, too, that are word art (and elements at the same time). There's a Burlap monogram that I pinned as well. Check the Inspiration page on Pinterest for other ideas (in case I left something out):

Updated 17 January 2014

Now Shawna.... PLEASE add anything you were looking for that's not included in post #55 - I want to make sure this kit works for you as well. smiley

@Shawna: I´ll work with your palette too! But it will maybe take some time, specially if I keep having a hard designing time

@Liz: Thanks for the detailed instructions: I´ll ad as many stuff you need as I can (and also depending on my skills...)

Thanks, Lorien smiley Btw, I wanted to reply to your Pinterest question last night, but it wouldn't let me - it said I needed to confirm my account (the confirmation email never came until this afternoon). Now that that's been done, I replied. smiley

I think that Lizanne has really done a great job listing (in her post # 55) so many awesome ideas for the kit!

As far as me... not wanting to add confusion... but if you're looking for more ideas/inspiration for Embellishments, WordArts, Quotes I have tons of things on the inspiration board created here that I think are really cool, too. smiley

I would possibly like some "bling" wordarts like these or this Mr & Mrs, maybe leather tag wordarts like these, maybe some bunting like the love notes one here in the lower right corner. And I like these wordarts with the tiles & rings. I think something like this would make a great rub-on. And maybe some cute metal embellies like this or this one. Just to name a few of the pins on the board. smiley

The only other thing I might enjoy in the kit are some hydrangea bunches/bouquets; but this is not required... mine were the blue(ish)-purple kind (but purple would work fine, too) and with 3 white roses in my bouquet and the boutonnieres were small closed white rose buds (white, cream, or off-white would all work for me) with purple ribbon, so whatever goes with the final color scheme best is fine with me. smiley

As far as our wedding song during the candle ceremony was "I Do Cherish You" but a girl friend sang it for us live.
As for our first dance song it was called "Here's My Heart" by Out Of Eden (feat "The Katinas" - friends from our church at the time) The song had a special two-fold meaning to us; but the chorus was the special part of why we selected for our wedding.
the Chorus:

here's My heart, it's been broken, it's been wounded
but I'll give it all to you if you would love Me
here's My life, if you want it, you can have it
I will give it all to you because you love Me
your love is everything I need
-- Out Of Eden --

So, Shawna´s songs are this and this. Liz´s song is, according to what she said on Pinterest, is this (sorry, I couldn´t find an English only lyric for this, just ones that come with a translation to Portuguese with them: when Google will learn that I´m bilingual?).

Hey Lorien: I posted all the info here on a single post on my blog with all of the corrected lyrics to both of my songs as they are slightly wrong on those links you shared.
As for the first dance song. Only the chorus part is all I would want IF someone did use it for wordart or anything. Not that they have to, necessarily. smiley
Chorus Below
here's My heart, it's been broken, it's been wounded
but I'll give it all to you if you would love Me
here's My life, if you want it, you can have it
I will give it all to you because you love Me
your love is everything I need
-- Out Of Eden --

Also I found the version and lyrics to Lizanne's song right here:
YouTube video with Celine Dion (with Clive Griffin)
And the lyrics are right here on this page to her version.