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Hi ladies! The pinterest board and this post are full of wonderful inspiration, all we lack now is a color palette! Lizanne, the post on what-to-do-for-next-months'-train usually goes 'on air' about this time of the month. How far along are you with your color wishes? Can I help make a palette out of the inspirations you pinned? I noticed you made quite a few notes about the colors you want, maybe I can make you a palette based on those notes?

I sent Shawna 2 different color palettes. One has more muted tones, because the picture was taken in the hallway (which was a bit dark); and the other one was taken outdoors so the colors are a bit more vivid. I don't know anything about running "gamut," so I'm waiting on her to run that on the palette from the outdoor pic before deciding which to go with...

Did you see my questions about neutrals in post #54? No one has clarified that for me yet, and I was wondering if I'd need to eliminate colors to accommodate them or not...

Here's a preview of the palette (broken into 2 pieces) that came from the indoor picture:

Lizanne I sent you two emails earlier with the palettes... and the answers to the neturals now on the new palette. Please advise which you want to use. I think I like the indoor palette a tad better even though not too much difference except greens and blues I definitely like better on the indoor or palette ONE -- Here they are uploaded just in case:

You know what - you girls should put it to a vote... I like both palettes & I was struggling with which to pick. Part of me thought of switching a couple colors around to get the perfect palette, but I couldn't decide... LOL Too hard! So go vote!

Thanks so much for all your help, Shawna (your email came in a few minutes ago - I think my mail server is slow tonight, I know my internet speed is). I was just about to upload the 2nd palette to tinypic when I saw your post in here... I wish I had known how to do the gamut stuff so I didn't have to bother you with it - you've put a lot of time & effort into this and I wanted to carry my fair share....

Shawna, quick question.... I noticed the other color palettes in here had 8 colors... Does that mean we can add one color back in? If so, and you all pick palette 1, I'd like to add this color back in: 92bae3. (I don't recall what colors were taken out of palette 2, so I can offer no suggestions there, as I don't know the color #s...)

My only other comment is please, please, please consider adding those tan kraft papers & burlap (plain, stamped or what not).... I know that's not on the palette, so that's just a personal request. smiley Both Shawna & I liked that if you look at our 2 Pinterest boards.

NP Lizanne: Glad you got it with my explanations of why I did what I did, making it smaller. LoL
I know I didn't get your email until about 6pm my time but it said it was sent around noonish... it was weird. I wonder why your internet would not completely send the email right away or receive the. Hubby makes fun of me when I have PC problems and then I tell him and can't duplicate. I just say you are like a car mechanic to me... whenever my car acts up and I go in it doesn't make the funny sounds anymore. LoL

Now THAT's funny! smiley

In one of my emails I tried to explain they told me they prefer around 6 colors max, but I kept 7 and changed the 8th one as a kind of cheat (and divided it to add the 4 neutrals). I guess we need to see what the designers think about adding any more colors... when they see our latest posts smiley

eta: I pulled out the same colors (just 2 shades different basically) of both palettes. One blue, One light pinky-purple, and The grayish-purple on the end cause it kind of looked similar to a silver. smiley

Thought ya'll might be interested in seeing the pictures used for color inspiration (and you'd catch a glimpse of my dress & the bridesmaid dresses that were the color inspiration for my wedding):

BTW, did I tell you my memory was a little bit off? While there were lilacs on the dresses, it wasn't the fabric swatch I posted a while back (that's actually the fabric of my guest comforter - I thought it looked familiar!). And in front of the church where we were married there were rhododendron bushes, not lilacs - the lilac bushes memory were from our backyard! LOL Funny how 20 years makes you forget tiny little details... Everything else was intact though (phew!).

I understand, Shawna - thanks! And thanks for picking what colors to pull because I would have had a hard time doing that.

YW... I just pulled the colors because Melo suggested to me if there were shades similar that it would be better to pick the brighter one and we could always lighten it ourselves. That's a great designers brain for you! And she was the one answering my questions & suggesting I put the neutrals on the palette. Lorien also is great designer who suggested we cut back to fewer colors... So I have no skills except to take great advice when it's offered to me. LoL
Lorien & Melo: Thanks again for all your advice and help answering my questions! smiley

Here's a little cheesy collage of some photo scrap pieces of my dresses, wedding cake and bouquet.

That's pretty, Shawna!

Thanks for posting the photos ladies, they are very inspirational. Love your cake and bouquet Shawna, very pretty colors! So, what is the definite color palette and are you in agreement over it?

Liz and Shawna, if I were on your shoes, I would:

a) Stick to palette 1
b) take out 78d84 and 8d879a and include a tan (try ead8c1 - it´s in gamut)
c) Cut out that wood - it´s not clear what wood type you want so you´ll not have uniform results. This, this, this, this and this are all wood, and those aren´t the only possibilities. Or you take the color 708d84 out and include a brown that matches that tan (maybe c69b6a) but I can´t guarantee that woodgrain will look good with that purples and blues.

I´m not as a pro designer as Shawna says, but I have observed blog trains a lot: first, as an avid BT downloader, then as a designer (and I recall having at least two palettes that I submitted becoming actually a blog train, plus some that I liked that were chosen, and I´ve learned that blog trains with more colors, although can still make cohesive kits at the end, make the idea of the kit become more diffuse (hope this is a word in English), and some designers simply opt to take some colors "out" of their creations if there are too many of them. If you read the "in progress" post for January BT you can see examples of it. Also, designers tend to pick a color to "ground" everything to make things work together, and, sometimes, the color they pick aren´t the one we are expecting - I remember a blogtrain where black was added "to make details, specially in doodles" and it ended having more than one portion where the designers used black as the main color... It seems to me that the color Liz wants to "ground" her stuff is white/tan - am I right? If so, it must appear on the palette.

You also need to consider that kits can be combined together. thinking on all the color inspiration you both provided on this topic, I´m planning to do a series of kits: I guess it´s possible to make three or even four of them that complement each other but are separate things, including one kit only for the neuters. But as we deceided that it will be a blogtrain (and Marisa agreed) it needs to be deceided one specific palette for the BT, and it needs to be small and cohesive to work. And then, it´s possible to make extended kits or even use stuff that are from other kits already made (downloading individual PS assets are great for that!)

Ok, I should be working, but I didn´t resist. Blogtrain palette suggestion (if it´s not appearing for you, please let me know):

I like palette # 01 myself as the colors seem more rich to me... but that's just my preference. Either is fine if Lizanne wants the other.

LoL but the purple you want to delete is the only one that mostly matches mine in my wedding. smiley that one 8d879a and the last one c3b6bd is close to the grayish purple. I also have a similar shade of blue 6a718a in all my flowers for the wedding & reception.
As for the sage green 708d84 is a color Lizanne really wanted. smiley

As far as the wood, we want it to be really wood, not the color so much. Like barnyard doors, etc. so yes those you shared are all very good examples. I don't know if it matters the colors. I could always colorize the links you shared myself to match my colors if I wanted colored wood. smiley

I don't think either of us wants tan. As our weddings were white dresses. We were just thinking stuff like linen clothes, burlap... backgrounds or elements, etc The silver was the same thing... for our platinum (silver rings, NOT the typical gold wedding elements) and black could be the color for grounding I assume as tuxes are almost always black in most weddings.

But I think I will leave these decisions up to Lizanne with the input I have given. Either way is fine with me. really, i promise.

I think Lorien is right about cutting out the wood, especially if it is not the color you are after - you are making a color palette, not a moodboard. You make your moodboard (which is an inspiration board) on Pinterest, and stick to colors only in the palette. If you want that vintage feel, you will need to include a tan color to ground everything with. If you pick pure white, you will get a nice fresh and modern feel, which I love, but it is not vintage! Bring back the colors you want, but also listen to Lorien, she has a point!

so excited to see this coming together!! smiley

If you want that vintage feel, you will need to include a tan color to ground everything with. If you pick pure white, you will get a nice fresh and modern feel, which I love, but it is not vintage!

It´s what she said. And I thought your kits needed tan by your pinterest boards... Also, something you may not be considering is that make texture look evenly in a asset where white goes together with a dark color not always ends in good results, specially if you are a beginner designer. And on a blog train we´ll have people with all skill ranges...

Since you like palette 1, Shawna, and I like both palettes, let's go with palette 1.

I really don't want to change the color scheme. If any colors had to be pulled (and I really hope they aren't as we already pulled 3), it would be the bright pink (which I pulled from the bridesmaid dresses to give a little more variety for other people) and black (the tuxes in my wedding were dove gray....which falls under the silver I have no need for black). As Shawna mentioned, her wedding used a lot of purple & so did mine. And I really need both shades of green.

As for the wood, I think from the description I gave (natural, aged & white-washed) it's pretty self-explanatory. Also the Pinterest pictures showed many examples of what both Shawna & I liked - and one thing we both liked was the barn-board look. We also liked burlap, twine, kraft paper & rusty elements - things that help achieve that rustic/vintage look we were looking for. I'd keep the wood in the neutral palette, but maybe the black should be replaced with tan (the tan color typically used as kraft paper). Unless there was black in your wedding, Shawna?

My best recommendation - take a look at post #55 again & visit the Pinterest boards again - hopefully that will help you visualize more what Shawna & I were looking for. If you have any more questions, please let Shawna & I know and we will try to answer to the best of our abilities...

22 Jan: I made a few changes to what I wrote last night - hoping to clarify things a little better...

I just discovered this post via the March blog train post - I love everything about the palette, and the element/paper suggestions. Can't wait to see this one come together.

I just saw the post in the Blog Train section too Jennifer! I'm so excited to see what all the ladies are going to come up with. I'm totally jazzed to see all the creativeness ooze out of everyone in their kits. smiley

I just discovered this post via the March blog train post - I love everything about the palette, and the element/paper suggestions. Can't wait to see this one come together.

I've started to go through the old blog train posts, looking for palettes that I could use sometime, and found the link to this thread. It's been fascinating to read through!