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ISO: Page Pocket Templates

Hi There! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I have been searching High & Low in search of those Page Pocket Templates in digital form that resemble the Becky Higgins paper style 365 layouts. The problem is... I've found several by a couple designers; but they are very pricey (in my opinion) to just try it to see if I like the look of each designers.
1) Are there any samples anywhere that any of you know of from different designers? OR
2) Any out there that you've tried and you know look good printed in real life? OR
3) At the very least any that if you sign up for their newsletter they will send you a really good coupon at some point to try them out?

Also, please feel free to share a link to any designers (either their FB page or Blog) that do have them at all because I myself only found three designers that do make them it seems like. I'm sure there are many more I can't seem to find! smiley

Another option, is that if someone knows of a tutorial where I can learn to make my own in whatever layout style I would like, that would be MOST awesome. smiley

Thanks for all your help!

Some people who make pocket page templates:

Tracie Stroud
Valerie Wibbens (I like that she has both square and rounded-corner templates. I bought all her pocket sets, although I haven't used them much yet.)
Karla Dudley (I've used freebie samples of these and I like them, I can't find a link to those, though)
Chelle's Creations
Traci Reed (She had a freebie, too, that is no longer available)

Valerie Wibbens Instagram pocket page
Signature Scrapbooks
Digital Design Essentials (I think she makes very high quality stuff)

If you wrote to Traci Reed and Karla Dudley, saying you're interested in their products but would love to have a sample to try out, they did at one point offer a free sample of their pocket pages and so might be willing to send you the discontinued freebie to check out.

One interesting thing I've been playing with is how to use the pocket templates with photos. I've found if I just put my photo behind the plastic it really makes the photo dull. One idea I've seen is to turn down the opacity to around 60%, another is to put the photos on top of the protectors, so you still see the plastic pockets and seams, but the photo is not obscured. I have examples of these options pinned somewhere... I'll try to find them and link you up.

Will you post one that you like? Maybe I have one already but i just wasn't sure what you meant.

@Violet: Thanks so much! and Thanks for the tip about the opacity and changing the photo to top tips... (--yes I'd love to see the sample layouts you pinned when you are able to find them.--) smiley
I grabbed the freebie from DDE to play with. I can't find where she sells any others in her store though. And I do LOVE Valerie's but hers are the ones I thought a tad expensive to try it out to see how it printed. I signed up for her newsletter last night hopefully she will send a coupon sometime or a freebie sample smiley

@Jenn: Here is a perfect photo example (The DDE freebie Violet just shared)
...but I would like them in all the shapes/variety or such like the in real life 12x12 ones you see at Michaels, AC Moore, Jo-Ann's etc. Like the ones in Valerie Wibbens link she shared. I don't necessarily need the 3 hole punch of the side, actually might prefer not to have them. smiley

------- A tutorial would be so cool but I can't seem to find one. Someone has to know how to make them, but I'm sure it's a trade secret. smiley and since I am sooooo NOT a designer, LoL ... not one I'm too soon to figure out. smiley ---------

Hi sweetie. I will work on a tutorial for you (hopefully today but it might not be until Monday).

Here's one I did (they are smaller pockets to sit at the bottom). Is this kind of what you'd like a tutorial on hun?

I'm heading to bed but I made another one for you today. I haven't posted it for a freebie yet because I wanted to see if it was what you were looking for first so I could make you a tutorial if you wanted. If you like & want, will let me know so I can make you a tutorial. These are so easy to do!

@Jenn: Those are very similar and would be a great starting point for a tutorial... I could just add more sections as needed... Also, maybe if you could teach me a step about how to make them a tad more see through or not depending on the desired effect of a certain layout. Thanks so much for your time and willingness to help me learn! smiley

I have made the tutorial hun. You can find it on my blog here.

I have some I made. I did make them myself, too. There are 2 of them in different sizes. Have a look and use if you like. They aren't zipped, so, you can view them without downloading, if you like.

Anyone who would like to have them, help yourselves! Absolutely no credit is necessary.



@Jenn: o.m.gosh!!!! TY TY TY for doing this for me!!! (and others , of course). smiley You are so awesome. I have a lot going on tomorrow but I will definitely try it out over the weekend. smiley

@Su: Thanks for sharing your's with us! smiley

@Shawna: Are you talking about the transparent pockets that hold those cards w/rounded edges, which you can use for journaling or to put your picture on? (If I recall correctly, a lot of people were using those cards in 2012 for a personal "352 days of scrapping" challenge) I remember seeing those transparent pockets early on in 2012, but don't remember where... Maybe at the Sweet Shoppe Designs store? Good luck in finding what you're looking for...

Edited to add: Just took a look at Su's pockets (post above yours) & I think those are what you're looking

You're so welcome hun. I am working on some others right now too. I hope to post them tomorrow as freebies.

smiley Jenn!

Hi Jenn! I just saw your post re the plastic pockets freebie. Unfortunately, the link has expired. Please could you post another link to it? thanks xo

@Ifinlay please send me an email re the plastic pockets.

I think she means the kind you use when paper scrapping...I would love to have more of those, too. I like the idea of having the look and ease of page protectors with the ease of digital scrapping. Here's the kind she may mean and the kind I'd like to see more of:

@Lizanne: These that Cindy posted are what I'm looking for. I just don't want to pay $5-7 for one page smiley

When I get a chance I'm going to give Jenn tutorial a go and see if I can't come up with something very similar. Although, look at the bunchy plastic look to those of Gina Cabrea's she just shared. smiley

Those are nice Cindy... smiley

@Shawna: Yeah, I had a feeling you were looking for something like that, but I didn't know how to describe it. I saw something like that as a freebie @ Sweet Shoppe Designs when they first opened, but I don't see it on their freebie page anymore. And I don't remember which designer made it (sorry) or I would refer you to it.

I will work on something for you right now. I can google sheet protectors and see what I can find and make a bunch of them. I will work on something right now for you hun.

Hi. I thought I'd join the plastic pocket fun too - and take a try at making some myself. I also posted what I came up with here at Pixel Scrapper for anyone to download here.
And here is my sample layout that I made for it too:

@Brooke, I love those... Glad you threw your hat in the ring! smiley

@Jenn, thanks! It was a challenge, and I'm already thinking of how I could maybe add more depth with some plastic wrinkles or something like Cindy's post shows. Hmmm.... lol!

Once I feel confident I can re-create the photo sleeves/clear plastic pockets (I made a zillion layers while trying to figure it out!) lol, would anyone like me to see if I can make a tutorial for them? And I'm trying to figure out a good looking wrinkle or something too for them, in case scrapbookers like that "look."

Here's the set I promised I would make. If they aren't what you want please let me know and I will try again.

the wrinkle is rather easy. Here's how I did it.
I first make my pockets. Reset my foreground & background to b&w. (I'm using PS) add a Filter - Render - Clouds and then did a Filter - Artistic - Plastic Wrap & lower the opacity quite a bit. Then I just simply added the wrinkled overlay and lowered that opacity a lot too.
Do you do it another way?

@Jenn, those look awesome. I was playing around with a different way. I'm doing it similar to the way I would make a watermark, to try and keep the pockets as clear a possible, yet still look like pockets. I'm using PS too. Give me the weekend and I'll see what I can do. Yours really do look great!

WOW! Ladies... Thank you both so very much!!! I would love to hear your little tips you learn too, Brooke as a tutorial...

You two are most awesome!!! smiley praises smiley

So we were super busy this weekend, but I did have a small amount of time to play around some more with pockets. I think I figured out a way to make the "bunchy plastic" that Cindy posted a sample of, and also a way to make some transparent plastic seams. Now, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do a tutorial. I'll post here again, when I get it added to the tutorial forum.

So.... Brooke... Loving all your new Project Life type templates in the store!!! Are you going to make the divided plastic page covers for us, too. smiley {hint, hint} hee hee

I found these here that I bought the other day....can't beat the price: