ISO: Paper Templates/Digital Spray Inks

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ISO: Paper Templates/Digital Spray Inks

Templates... overlays... digital stencils... there doesn't seem to be one universal name for what I'm looking for which is probably why I'm having such a hard time finding them.

I'm looking for as many stencils as I can find. They are my favorite tools by far. As soon as I subscribed to PS I went crazy and grabbed every template I thought I'd ever even want to play with. I use them with spray paint brushes to mimic the spray painted backgrounds I love so much without huffing paint fumes. It's nice to be able to make them from the comfort of my air conditioned or heated house rather than setting up my spray station outside, but I need more.

I'd love to find some that have the same fresh designs as my Crafter's Workshop stencils. I sent messages to both CW and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer asking them to just go ahead and take my money already, but it would probably be months before anything happens on that front even if they took my request seriously. In the meantime, I need my fix.

Any suggestions?

Wren, I am not really sure what you are talking about but do you mean something like this?

If so maybe I could help you, If not could you give some examples?

I'm looking for patterns with transparent bits. I can do a layer select and it'll give me the marching ants around the colored bits and I can "spray paint" the transparent parts.

Here's an example of what I mean. I used a couple of page templates from this site in parts of it. They worked great.

Oops, I was thinking of a different layout as far as using the page templates from here, but that last one is a good example of it too so I'll leave it and add this one:

Just saw this on Pinterest.

(by Shawna) eta: I think this is the new link to what Marisa originally shared with us. Page must have been renamed. smiley

@Wren: I am utterly impressed at your idea and creativity to use the digital templates as masks in your digital artwork like we do in paper scrapping!! Do you mind sharing a mini tutorial on your process with us who haven't done this yet or at least one that you found helpful the first time you did it? smiley

@Marisa: Very cool link for us that still do some IRL paper scrapping/crafts and using for our die cut machines. smiley

Shawna, I specifically use an iPad program called Procreate, but you can do the same in Photoshop. I don't know the commands offhand in PS, but you'd take the same first steps as you would to do a clipping mask, I think. Once you've selected your shape or pattern (the pattern has to be a png with transparent areas for it to work) you switch to a blank layer and use a spray paint brush to color the areas that you want your pattern to show through.

I've found through trial and error that it looks the most realistic if you keep your concentrated color in the center and use a lighter touch on the outside edges so you can see the stippled pattern of the brush. I know there are a ton of awesome spray ink and spray paint brushes for PS, a lot of which are free.

I'm sorry if this was as clear as mud. I'm positive that someone will know exactly the shortcuts to use to layer select in Photoshop.

@Shawna: I think this tutorial from Just Jaimee is a similar process.

Yes Marisa very similar... What Jaimee did is more of masking where you spray in real life around a solid template and the shape is left the color of the scrapbook paper. Wren is doing it kind of opposite from that where in real life we would use the Crafter's Workshop templates found here and spraying inside the area a color leaving the misted look. Here's a template someone used with yellow spray mist... and here's what it looks like in real life paper scrapping.

I imagine between Jaimee's tutorial and Wren's tips I can decipher a way to do it by playing around a little. LoL But that tutorial is a reminder that I do have a perfect set of Jaimee's brushes she gave us to play with and try it. smiley

If you want to spray "inside" an overlay, just select the overlay and then on a new layer use the brush to "spray." It will only spray in the selected part.

Thank you Marisa!!! Seems so simple not to be able to figure it out on my own. LoL smiley
You're the greatest!!! I really need to just take a couple weeks and go through all of your tutorials and I'd be a whiz at all this again. The upgrade to CS5 from CS2 threw me for a loop. I feel like I did when I started playing with Photoshop for the very first time way before it became PSCS. Like a lost student. LoL

Hi Wren,

Did we actually answer your initial question about templates? From your examples it seems you are searching for templates with a distressed feel to them. I don't know if you can work with Procreate as you do in PS, but Brooke has a great tut on how to distress things:

Maybe this way you could create your own distressed patterns with the templates provided by Pixelscrapper?

Just noticed this new addition to the site, made me think of your quest:

I'm sorry, I've been meaning to get back and post to this thread for the past few days, but I keep running short on time.

Shawna, check out this video about Splendid Fiin's Knock Outs. It's a really good how to for using PS to get a spray mist effect.

Melouise, thanks for the links. I appreciate your help! smiley

It would be cool if you could take a coloring book picture, like a flower select the black lines copy, then paste over a colorful background.

@Wren: in the video, when she said I hoped you just squealed... I WAS squealing with absolutely glee!!! LoL
Thank you so much for finding and sharing this video tutorial. Very very awesome!!! smiley
Now we need to get Marisa to make a bunch of "knock-out" type templates. LoL

Shawna, check out this video about Splendid Fiin's Knock Outs. It's a really good how to for using PS to get a spray mist effect.

@Wren or Anyone who knows the answer: What did you do to this one to get the speckled/splattered black and/or white paint look on this one? Was it a particular brush you used?


If you search for "splatter" brushes for Photoshop, I think you'll find lots of options.

@Shawna What Marisa said. There are TONS of free PS brushes for getting spray paint and splatter effects. And if you don't like those, there are even more you can buy online from various digi shops.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this topic!!! smiley I'm going to add to your title so we can remember where we talked about this. LoL

Good call. It's a lot clearer what I'm trying to talk about which is always a good thing, lol.

@Wren: These are some of my favorite shape brushes (and they're free!), which I sometimes use in reverse to make stencils to digitally mist through. I, too, love the stencil & mist look! (As you've probably noticed if you've seen any of my blog train contributions smiley )

TY TY TY Violet for sharing such awesome and for FREE to boot!!! smiley

@Violet, those are awesome. Thanks for sharing. smiley

I just found another video tutorial for using/making digital rub-ons & getting the correct coloring at SuzyQ's website today right here!

Marisa, I clicked on your link and it says the page doesn't exist any longer... can you post another link or something so we can see what you are showing us??

@Diane: I'm answering on behalf of Marisa... I think the page just got moved on that particular blog, renamed or something; but if I remember correctly what I viewed way back then... LoL I believe that this is the page she was referring us to. It includes cut-out type files that we could use as templates for spraying, misting, and/or masking. smiley

Thanks Shawna!

YW! Glad my memory served me well this time. LoL

bumping to the top in case any one who hasn't seen this thread had any more ideas or places they'd like to add to the discussion as this is one of my things I will be adding art journaling to my goals list next year. So a tad for selfish reasons LoL smiley

I know this is an old thread, but I just did some of these techniques here at work on PSP8 (yeah, the 10 year old version lol). Loving the papers I'm making! Here's one I just finished playing around with:

Grungy Play

Some of these old threads oughta be bumped more often smiley


**Is there no way for me to add an outside image here in the forum?