ISO: Paper Templates/Digital Spray Inks

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Lisa, I just checked out your link, and I love your paper so much!!!!! I'm going to have to try this out soon, because this is exactly the type of stuff I would love to be able to do.

Thank you, Robyn, it was really easy and fun!

** adding an outside image **

When you post a reply, there's a little picture-looking icon at the top left side of the icon bar above the comment text field. Put your cursor wherever you want the picture to be in your post and then press the picture-looking icon. You'll have to then paste the URL of the picture in there and press ok. (you can use something like flickr or Google+ pictures [Picasa for the web has now been integrated into Google+] to host the image file.) The code will show up in the text field and when you preview/post - if you did it right, lol - you should see your image.


Lovely paper, btw! smiley

Thanks, Mollie smiley

I tried to put the link to my Dropbox in the both the image and link boxes. I thought the image should show up, but it didn't. Just the link to the pic itself worked. And I usually know how to do this stuff. Unless it doesn't work the same with Dropbox. I have an old Fotki account, maybe I should use that.