ISO: paper with corners turned down

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ISO: paper with corners turned down

I am looking for paper with a corner turned down and it looks like it is held down with either a button, staple, etc. Thank you in advance.

Hum... What software are you using? I´m pretty sure that I saw some time ago a way of doing it by yourself in photoshop, since no one seems to have seem a pack like this recently...

If you were to use PSP, there is a script in my store (sorry, it is a paid one), that will do the flip with the consistent rotation of any design of the paper. It gives you the option to flip any corner, and has much or as little as you want.

I use panstoria artisan, which I love....however I am new to it, so a lot of it I am just figuring out. Thank you so much for responding.
I created my own make shift one, and it will do for now. Thanks again.

I use photoshop in which it's easy to do..just to select a corner area as big as you like with lasso tool..Then Cut It And Paste It On A New Layer. .then flip it and place accurately as you change the color or add a art board texture which should be plain so it looks like backside of paper, add shadow, better effects and voila!!..DONE!!
I don't use Artisan but I believe it's just a cut paste work so can be easily done in Artisan.. smiley

Thank you so much for the information...I love Artisan...I actually never used the lasso tool because I had no idea how to use it.

It's very easy to use..Photoshop comes with Polygonal Lasso tool which can be used to select a custom area you need to select..just select the tool, hold it at the starting point of the area you want to select..Now just like drawing with a pencil, start making outline around that area..when done you will get marching ants around that area which means it's selected..
Artisan is quite a popular software for scrapbooking I know that..It was on fourth place in TOP 10 reviews best scrapbooking software list.. smiley