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ISO: Pet Kits

We just got a new kitten and I'd like to scrap some pictures of my son with him. I'd like to use a pet specific kit if I can, but I haven't run across many. I'd like to use something either free, or less than $4 to $5. Thanks! smiley

I have a pet kit on my to do list, but that's not going to help you right now! Curious to see what people find.

Connie Prince and Twin Mom Scraps have cute kitten kits for sale

and this one is a freebie right now

Marisa: How far down your list? lol. I probably won't get to them for a few more weeks, I just figured I'd start the search for them now.

Thanks for the link! It's a cute kit!

Magical Scraps by Marina has a cat kit here.
There's a coordinating dog one too. It comes in just under budget smiley.

Well, I'm not actively working on it right now, so probably November at the earliest...

Ran across this one this evening!

Animal Magnetism by BoomersGirl Designs

Being a Crazy Cat Lady, I always tell everybody that I have GREAT trouble to find a non-halloween kit that have cats that I really like to scrap about my cats. The cat kits usually feature white cats, orange cats and Siamese. I have two black cats, one tabby (more silvery than golden) and two black and white cats. I don´t feel the cats represented on the kits usually represent my own cats. So, I most scrap for them with kits about other themes and non-themed kits, as you can see in my gallery. And have requested some designers to do kits with most common cats for some time, but now I gave up on it, and will draw my own kit someday.

Well, this being said, I fancied some cats from a charity colab released some months ago, called "Talk to the Animals", where some designers from our community joined:

actually have a kit that is in my "to buy" list:

And I liked the kit by Kristen Asgard that Tina found!

@Lórien: You've found a kit with siameses?! I've never seen one... Do you have a link? (as you know I have 2)

Melo has a Siamese-like here:

there is also a brazilian designer kit with a kind of siamese (the color isn´t the best, but the ears are really caracteristic), but the designer´s site is offline now (I think she is remodelling the site because of its 5yo anniversary), so I´ll show you later. Also I remember to have at least one more cat that look like a siamese, but need to find out who is the designer...

Appreciate whatever you find. I rarely see anything re: siameses - usually just cats & dogs. I love siameses' slanted blue eyes - they're so beautiful... They're also sleek & more muscular than most cats.

Take a look at this one (I don´t remember the colors of your cats, but in my opinion its possible to use the brown one as a seal-point or chocolate-point siamese): You cant see by the preview but that ellie is very high-texturized, with a paper texture that remembers a napkin. This was one of the first kits I ever bought, and I used a lot the orange cat too - and it´s on sale now...

This one, from the same designer, I don´t have, but I´m thinking if I should buy or not:

PS: This store, as far as I know, is not very known outside, Brazil, but, here, it´s a very popular one. I checked and it seems to work with other currencies apart of Brazilian Reais. But, if you have problems, let me know, and I see if I can solve them somehow or ask the designer...

One is seal point & the other is blue point... The first kit is the first "cat kit" I've seen anywhere that has the body shape right for a siamese (long & sleek). Too bad I don't have a chocolate point though. Blue points are creamy with taupe accents & silver blue eyes; and seal points are a little darker cream with chocolate brown accents & their eye color is usually a deep, pool blue.

wow, great finding!

The siamese looks long-haired - strange... Oh well, thanks Catherine!

Lizanne, if you send me some pictures of your Cats' I can redo the ones Lorien showed you (abloom) in the colors you want.

That's nice of you to offer, Melouise, but my siamese aren't the apple-head kind...
If I can ever get a picture of them to post, I will. It seems like every time I've
pulled out my camera they run off. LOL So what few pictures I've taken are a
blurry mess.

....which, we should say, is a typical Siamese behavior....

It´s really hard to find pictures that show how fantastic they are!

***Kits by Magical Scraps Galore come with a special coupon for anyone who reads this post. If you like their kits, just place any and all kits you would like to purchase in your cart, checkout and use the code MSG_ISO35 for 35% off your entire order!! (expires 12/31/14)

Nice idea of having neutral shapes that can come with pets of any color Marina smiley

ViVa has this one: