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ISO: Pinterest Post

I Hope someone will read this. There was a post by Molly, and I went looking for it and I can't find it.

What the post was about was you put your kit on Pinterest, and then you put a digital stamp (don't know the official name of it) on the picture of your kit so they person can scan it with their phone, and it will take you to their store.

Does anyone remember or have the details on this? Your help would be appreciated.

I don't remember the post by Molly but I believe what you are referring to is called a QR code. You could do a google or bing search for a good QR code generator. Hope that helps you out some! smiley

Shawna, you are a lifesaver! Thank you ever so much! smiley

Shawna, I don't remember Mollie's post but I did come across a site that talked about the same thing. Sorry I've lost the site but the technique is simple. Up load your video to Youtube, ( I make mine unlisted ) copy the URL, go to this site, check the Youtube video box, paste in the URL in the correct box, click "download" and voila! I have printed in any darkish color to match my layout, the smallest I've shrunk the QR code square is just under 1/2 inch. Easy and great fun. A tip: since they all look alike (to me anyway) I rename them immediately on download.

Thank you, Harriett for the extra bit of information. WOW!

thanks Harriet! very informative and educational post!!! Great idea to post one made for a video and attach it to your layout to!!! That's better than the "old fashioned" little voice recording chip. LoL

I'm not sure if this is "the" article, but it is an article:

This article/feature is so cool! I'm so going to put one of these on our Christmas card this year to link to a video of the kiddos saying Merry Christmas to all the fam since they are too little and we're too far away to be there in person. The next best thing! Thanks for posting Sharon, I had no idea this even existed!