ISO Pregnancy Sihouette and Journaling Cards

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ISO Pregnancy Sihouette and Journaling Cards

I have a personal request. Would someone please make a side view of a headless and footless silhouette of a pregnant lady in a dress in digital format? I had a wonderful one in traditional format that I used with my oldest d-i-l. I have lost my copy of it and the layouts using it are thousands of miles away. I loved it because it was easy to change the dress pattern and color and also easy to change the skin tone. It showed a bare neck and legs like a headless mannequin in a simple one piece dress with an ample baby tummy.

The nice thing about traditional paper I could easily change the size of mom's tummy with a pair of paper shears.

I love journaling cards, an a set of progressive expecting cards would be fantastic. I have not seen anything like that on this site.

Thanks to any and all that might help here.

I'm not sure if this is at all what you were thinking of. But it's my best shot (I've never attempted to 'draw' a human body). smiley

You did a great job, it looks great. Of course this is not actually what I had but it is very nice. We used the traditional one for each of my grandchildren, with a different colored dress to match what my daughter was wearing and the layout for that child. The one we had fit flat to the edge of the page. Thank you for doing this.

With the one I made, the dress (both the dress and trim) and skin tone are completely customizable. It would just be a matter of clipping your desired paper/color to the shapes. I'm not quite sure what you mean by fitting 'flat to the edge of the page'. If you attach a photo of what you're looking for, I can give it another shot.

Janet, the problem is the layouts are thousands of miles away so I do not have them with me. What I mean by flat to the edge is that the silhouette rest flush on the side edge of the layout like a side border. You do not need to retry unless you want to as this one is darling.
Thanks for your aid.

o.m.gosh... Janet that is absolutely adorable!!! are you going to share it in the store someday? smiley
I love that it's customizable. This would be great for baby shower cards on their gifts. smiley

Very pretty Janet!

Janet, I hope you will release this to the store, as I would love to get my hands on it. Marie

Awww, thanks so much ladies! I'm so sorry for not getting back to you sooner Marie. It's been a busy past couple of days around here. Regarding a release, It looks like we may be heading toward a baby themed blog train next month. So, it looks like I have some done already. smiley

@Marie, I hesitate to do another version of it unless I have a better idea of what you're looking for. From what I understand, you'd like it to be able to sit flush to the side of the paper. As with any of my elements, you'd be able to place it wherever you'd like on the page. Though maybe you mean it needs to be take up more of the page? Maybe one of our other members here has seen what you're looking for and could help us out. I definitely haven't given up...just need a bit more info.

In the meantime, I can definitely send you the version shown above. Just shoot me an email...janet at janetscottdesign dot com. smiley

Janet ... this is very cool ... you have the posture down lol smiley

You are so right about that one.