ISO: Project Life Journal Card Layered PSD Template

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ISO: Project Life Journal Card Layered PSD Template

Would love a Project Life Journal Card Layered Template in PSD. thank you

Hi Teresa, please follow our forum guidelines and profile expectations before posting next time. It asks you, among other things, to have a full name and a real person people in your profile, even if it´s not your real or actual picture, or your real name - you can use a common last name from your country, for example. Take some time to read and use them, because if you don´t your posts can be deleted by the moderators - and yes, we hate to do this, but sometimes we do smiley

We also have a way to put the topics for requests assigned here. I changed your topic to suit it this time smiley

I know only one journal card in PSD format, it´s a freebie you can find here:

In my opinion, journal cards are really fun and easy to made, and, as they are almost always very simple to make, that´s probably why It´s difficult to find templates for them...

MissTiina at Sugarhillco has tons of templates as does Connie Prince at