ISO: Scribbled Crayon Backgrounds

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ISO: Scribbled Crayon Backgrounds

Hi am looking for a digital paper background that looks like it was scribbled on with crayon.. anyone have anything like this they wouldn;t mind sharing with me?


Scraps N Pieces are having a blog train on the 15th and I just saw one part with a crayon scribble alpha as well as two crayon scribble papers-one white background and the other black background. You might want to grab it along the train. It will be on their blog.

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Did you find what you were looking for, Danielle? I came here because I just unzipped all my SNP blog train files, and I think you might find quite a bit you like! Ponytails Designs has the best match for "crayon scribbled on paper." She provides an alpha and 2 paper files.

The other option is to find a brush you can use -- do you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? Here are some crayon brushes:
Wax Crayon Texture Brush

Crayon Scribble Grunge

Crayon PS Brush

If you are using PSP , there is a way to convert .abr to .png by the ABR viewer.
These png files can also be used in PSP.